We have a winner!

It was either 1979 or 1980 when we introduced a variety of advertising products for use by members of the North American Association of Ventriloquists (NAAV; 1944-2004). This collector's spoon was one of the favorite NAAV themed pieces. They sold for $1.50 each at that time. Today they have truly achieved collector's status. This one, still in its original gift box, is from my collection, and was won by Neale Bacon, who was the required 6th person responding to this post.
(Thank you, Ron Scherer, for reminding me of this item.)

-Next Mr. D's Give-Away will be Thursday (12/3).

Comment from Grandma Muffin: "Congrats to Neale Bacon. I've seen his name on WorldVent. What a fun thing you are doing. I treasure my spoon and my necklace. I just found your blog and I love it."

Professional Kid Show Mentoring

Mark Wade tells me he is now offering professional mentoring for kidshow ventriloquists. What an amazing opportunity. Learn from the pro! The program is for three days and is a special one-on-one program where Mark teaches the specifics of what the individual being mentored wants to know. After an interview with them on the phone, in person, or by email, they jointly decide on the program course. Marks then set up the program so they can go to Grove City, Ohio and go out on several shows with Mark. This allows one-on-one talk about what they have seen and why Mark does it the way he does.

After the shows they have intense learning sessions and the "student" has Mark's undivided attention for three days. How fantastic such a training opportunity! The price is discussed when the interested parties contact Mark. It's a fun three days of learning and on the job training, something never offered to the vent community before in quite this manner. Now is the time to capitalize on Mark's years of knowledge and experience. If you want to make yourself a better kidshow vent, contact Mark now while he's willing to spill his success secrets!


Little Jet-Setter

From Billy James

I completed the Maher Course many years ago and got some great products from you back then. All those years ago I had an old Maher catalog and I REALLY loved Comical Clyde. However, when I went to the Maher website he didn't look the same. After I emailed you about it, you explained about the change in the mold over the years. In the end I had Mike Brose make me up one of his 'cheeky boy' figures (which was fantastic!) but I did really love the look of the old Comical Clyde.

Anyway, just recently I came across one of the 'older' style Comical Clydes for sale in Germany! So, I pounced! He arrived here in Australia yesterday and I have to say that he is absolutely BRILLIANT! The face has SO much character. I am just so thrilled and I guess all good things come to those who wait! So there it is, he started in your workshop, flew to Germany and now resides in Australia. The little jet-setter is shown with me in this picture. I'm looking forward to putting him to work in my Christmas shows this year. All the best, Billy.


Tip of the Issue

Our friends at The Dummy Shop just sent us a picture of their newest character, Samuel Henry Issac Davis. I have a feeling he's a man who will not hesitate to speak his mind!

Included with the email release was this tip (which we pass along with their permission) for those of you working with soft puppets:

Tip of the Issue: A new friend of ours received a puppet this week and made the comment that the mouth was a little bit loose on his hand. There is an easy fix for this. We told him to go to his local fabric store and buy a small piece of 1/2" foam. Cut the foam a little smaller than the approximate size and shape of the puppets mouth and insert it in the mouth between your fingers and the mouth. For those who have puppets that have finger and thumb straps, this will take up all the slack and give you a snug fit if that is your preference.


We have a winner!


By Gary Owen

Taped live at the 2006 International Ventriloquist Convention, Gary Owen in this workshop setting, shares ideas on how to make your show look like a pro. Staging, music, and choreography. Plus an interactive segment where you will learn proper techniques for good voice and lip control. And Gary demonstrates how easily you can develop the baby cry, distant voice, plus a variety of dialects, accents, voice characterizations and polyphony. Learn from the master!!

The person responding with the required 5th post was Canon John Jordan (Ontario). Congratulations! Next Give-away will be Monday (11/30/09)
* * * * *
From Ron Havens: I believe I was at that workshop and could possibly even be in the DVD.
From Clinton: Gary still has copies of this DVD for sale. They are $25.00 each which includes shipping. Email Gary to purchase: garyowenprod@sbcglobal.net
From Canon John Jordan: Thank you Clinton. Imagine winning a prize and being rewarded for indulging in one of my daily morning pleasures ~ checking in with the Daily Journal. You are certainly spreading joy in the world by sharing your hints, tips, and above all, your years of experience. Blessings, John.


Holiday DVD Sale!

SUCCESSFUL VENTRILOQUISM - #1 DVD for teaching kids and adults how to be a successful ventriloquist. 50 minutes of easy-to-follow instruction and demonstration by Mark Wade, master performer and teacher. Taped live. Learn how to speak without lip movement with voice characterization for the puppet/dummy. Learn to manipulate the figure in an amazing, entertaining and lifelike manner! Regular Price: $19.95 SALE: $9.95 Free shipping!
- Mark Wade demonstrates and explains advanced professional ventriloquist techniques and secrets: distant voice (voice "throwing"), baby cry, comedy tips, advanced manipulation and more! Laugh as you learn! 50 minutes. Reg. $19.95. SALE: $9.95 Free shipping!

- Outstanding 50 minute DVD on which Mark Wade tells you the various secrets of successful kid show performing. As one of America's foremost professional kid show performers, Mark then shows you with live performance (taken from one of his shows) how it is done. This is a valuable money-making resource for any kid show entertainer! Regular Price $19.95. SALE: $9.95 Free shipping!

(Special offer for Blog visitors only)
SET OF ALL THREE DVD's - $25.00 Free Shipping!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Detweilers!

"Dinner With Friends"
I wish it were possible for Adelia and I to post a picture of all the friends we have made as a result of our involvement with ventriloquism. Obviously, that's impossible as that would take thousands of images - most of which we have never seen. But we count YOU as one of our friends. So today, as we reflect in special Thanksgiving for multiple blessings in our lives, you - where ever you live in the world, are on our list of blessings!

("Dinner With Friends" illustration by Dave Miller, copyright 1977)


Pull ring controls (fumble, fumble)

Question: I recently bought a small vent dummy, it has a pull ring to control the moving mouth and 2 pull rings to control moving eyes left to right and right to left.
However, I have difficulty controlling pull ring mouth with pull ring eye movement. Do you have any reference where I can read about controlling such pull ring figures ?

* * * * *
Answer: I've never seen a reference as to how a person should use the multiple pull rings. It's whatever works, I suppose. Rings are difficult to slip fingertips into, and difficult (if not impossible), to keep in place through an entire performance. They're really not a practical control for the serious performer, which is why I've replaced many of those pull rings with levers.


We have a winner!

It was 1995 when I got the crazy idea to create the official "Ventrilo-Buck" from the "United Studios of Maher". One dollar legal tender ("For all debts payable to Maher Studios") was sent with each order for a couple months. Now they're collector's items. This one is autographed by myself and Adelia.

The 10th (tenth) person who responded after reading this post and the winner of the "Ventrilo-Buck" is FRANK WARD (WA).
* * * * *
Note from Ron Scherer: "Hi Clinton. I remember those dollars well. It was about that time I got serious about collecting vent items. I believe those and the NAAV spoons were among my favorites."
From Clinton: Thanks for the suggestion. I do have one of those NAAV spoons in my prize stash. I'll schedule it soon.

Wisdom For Dummies

By Sandi Stricker

I'm still new at this ventriloquism - a little over a year into it. I am writing my own scripts, and must say memorizing them certainly is good for exercising the brain at my age. To help me get through a script, sometimes Woody (Mr. Woodrow) has to refer to his reference book, "WISDOM FOR DUMMIES".
I used one of those paperback books with the yellow and black cover called "Internet (or whatever) for Dummies". I took black paint and painted over the "INTERNET" word, and then in yellow paint, painted in the word "WISDOM", so now it read "WISDOM for DUMMIES".
I only use the front cover, and then folded it in half, so when open, the audience sees the cover and the words "WISDOM FOR DUMMIES". I made a couple pages in it, and occasionally he needs to look something up and therefore we have a paragraph of script in front of us.
I stapled the corner of the book to his shirt cuff so it looks like he is holding it in his other hand. Then when he refers to it, I hold the other side in my hand. The audience seems to get a kick out of his Wisdom for Dummies book, even though I never refer to him as a "dummy" (ventriloquisimy incorrect as I learned from your course).

An example of what I put in it for reference and patter assistance include: What the Economic Stimulus Payment is and where the money goes; For bosses day I had patter in it on Woody's quick reference to appropriate (but funny) ways to write lines in letters of recommendation; and, A reference he has to look up regarding a scientific fact about why drinking wine is better than drinking water.

Whatever I use the book for is always something that is appropriate to "look up" in a reference book. It seems to work great.



When Bruce Weaver sent "Edgar" to me for some minor crack repair, repainting and a hair cut, I sent Bruce an email to let him know his buddy had arrived here safely. Having a "senior moment", I inadvertently called the figure by his original catalog name, informing Bruce that "Slappy has arrived." A slip in time to which Bruce replied:

"I had forgotten his original name. I've been wondering what it was. Thanks for the "senior" moment. And thanks for all you have done over the years for vent!" Bruce "Happy to know Edgar's original name again" Weaver

(left) Before

(right) after


99 Cent Book Auctions

Just a reminder - every week I select a group of ventriloquist subject books from my remaining Maher Studios inventory to be offered on eBay with 5 day auctions starting at just 99 cents (free shipping). You'll find a quick link to all auctions below. Auctions begin on Wednesdays and end on Mondays.

To see details and photos of all my current auctions, Click Here.

The following is from Steve Engle's Mother Goose SAFETY Nursery Rhymes (copyright 1998 bt Steve Engle) and for sale now in the above mentioned auction.


F: (Recites) Mary had a little lamb, it followed her to school; The little lamb's a hero now, 'cause Mary broke a rule.

V: Mary broke a rule? What rule?

F: (To vent) SSHHH! (Continues reciting:) At the corner of the street she looked not left or right; As Mary stepped off the curb, A car come into sight.

V: Uh-oh! Look out, little Mary!

F: (Ignores vent and continues:) That little lamb grabbed Mary's coat and wouldn't let her go - (pause) or Mary'd be an ANGEL now ... with WINGS as white as snow!

V: So the little lamb kept Mary from being hit by the car!

F: (Recites:) Remember Mary and her lamb each time you cross the street; Be sure to STOP (Hold hand up, palm out) and LOOK (Hand over eyes) and LISTEN (Hand behind ear) before you move your

V: Very good lessons, (puppet's name).


We have a winner!

READ THESE LIPS! was the title of a feature article in the June 2004 issue of American Profile. It's a fascinating account of the previous year's Vent Haven Convention, with focus on several of the attendees, including: Meghan Casey, Mark Wade, Mary Ann Taylor (and her puppets), and Zach Babbe. Other people quoted are: Jeff Dunham, Dave Dixon, Patricia Bell, and Kelly Asbury. The article was written by Marta Aldrich.

This copy of American Profile comes from my personal collection and I promised to send it FREE to the eleventh person who emails me after reading this post. And we now have a winner - the winner is: Donald Bice! Congratulations.

(Additional giveaways forthcoming)

"Willie Winkle"

Question: Is the figure in this photo an old Lovik figure? If not, can you tell me who made it?
* * * * * *
Answer: Yes, the figure is a Lovik figure, sold by Maher Studios as Willie Winkle late 1980's- early 1990's. This was probably the most popular character from the Knee Pal line of figures. Several hundred were sold with all their many variations of eye and skin colors; hair styles and colors; combinations of mechanics, with or without freckles of varying arrangements, left or right hand controls, clothing dressed with,etc. With the exception of the fifty or so made for and sold exclusively by Hamacher Schleimer of Chicago for one year, no two were exactly alike. This does appear likely to have been sold by Hamacher Schleimer since all the figures they sold had red hair, green eyes, freckles, and were dressed in a black tux with red bow tie. Production of Willie Winkle was discontinued only because the molds reached the end of their usability.



It's that time of the year again, so before it gets too late I'm offering this book for sale, "Buy It Now" on eBay: Christmas Gag File. 100+ COMEDY JOKES by one of America's favorite writers, Col. Bill Boley! These holiday gags and jokes are all written in dialogue format. Add several to your favorite seasonal script. Combine more and you'll have a complete new show! After the holidays, adapt the jokes slightly and you can use them for any occasion where gifts are given (birthday anniversary, etc.)!! This is a favorite book with all entertainers - not just ventriloquists. You can buy now and I will ship (free shipping) by First Class mail: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290372139690


"Little Joe"

Dear Mr. D:
I ordered little Joe from you several year ago. I thought you had retired, but I saw some ventriloquist friends and they said you were still working on figures. Little Joe's mouth gets stuck open sometimes and his eyebrow falls over his left eye (which also has a problem). He needs a little help.

* * * * * *
From Clinton (Mr. D): I have retired - but retired people need to do something...so I fix and build ventriloquist dummies. Ha. Send me Little Joe's head and I'll see what I can do to help him (and you).
Note: Photos above show Little Joe as he arrived (right) and when he left my shop (left).


Bad News; Good News

The bad news: On June 6, 2009 I completed and shipped this little lady to a ventriloquist in England. Much to everyone's dismay, she never arrived at her destination. Eventually, I built a second replacement figure which was shipped and delivered.\

The Good news: On November 6, 2009, five months to the day, the wayward parcel was returned to me, unopened! The note on the box which had all original labels and correct address, read "unclaimed". Now I know the purchaser was desperately trying to locate and claim the parcel, so it wasn't for lack of trying.

Bad news: We'll never know the full story of her adventures.

Good news: The lost has been found!


Pneumatic bulb controls

Mr. D. Please tell, if you know, whether pneumatic bulb controls are still available or how to make one.

* * * * * *
I have this small "Pocket figure" made by Insull in in the process of refurbishing. The mouth is operated by pneumatic bulb (such as an ear syringe). The tube from the hand operated bulb ran into the head and was connected to a flat rubber "bladder" (think of a miniature hot water bottle) that was inserted between the two oval shaped tin plates, one of which moved forward when the mouth opens. Squeeze the outer bulb to inflate the inner bladder and the mouth opens; release the outer bulb and the airflow is reversed so bladder flattens and mouth closes. Ingenious (as long as there are no leaks).
Side note: This small head also had side to side moving eyes that moved automatically with weighted pendulum balance.


Still in business?

Question: Hello, I am wondering if you are still in business? I'd read that you retired earlier this year, but your blog pages selling the vent courses and books are still up. Thanks, John.
* * * * * *
Answer: I retired officially in 2003 and Maher Studios was closed in 3/2006. But I do still have some inventory of Maher supplies and that is what you see advertised on my blogs. www.maherstudios.blogspot.com I also continue to repair, repaint and build some vent figures as part of my retirement activities. Thanks for asking. Clinton


"The Bully"

The following puppet routine was reprinted from The Puppet Show Vol. 1, a book of 25 puppet/ventriloquist routines, first published by Canoe Productions, copyright 1984, and subsequently published and sold by Maher Studios. It is one of 30+ books now up for sale on my weekly 99cent eBay auctions. You can see all my current auctions: Click Here.

By Marty Wilson & Lewis Lansford

(Three Puppets)

1: Hi, (Name of #2). My Mom gave me five dollars today. She said we could go downtown and get some ice cream after school.2: That sounds great! Why'd she give you five dollars?

1: I cleaned up the back yard when she didn't even ask me, and she said she was proud of me and stuff.

2: That's neat! Is it okay if we go after football practice?

1: Oh yeah. I forgot about football. I'm too little to play with you big guys. Sure...we can go when you're through practicing.

2: Great! I'll see you then. Bye! (Exits)

3: (Enters) Hey, squirt!

1: Are you talking to me?

3: Yeah, I'm talking to you, punk. Who'd you think I was talking to, the wall?

1: I'd better go.

3: No way, shrimp. I'm not done with you yet.

1: What do you mean you're not done with me?

3: I mean what I say, and I said I'm not done with you yet. You owe me some money, and I want it now.

1: What? I don't owe you any money.

3: So you're going to welch on me, huh? Well, I guess I'm going to have to teach you a lesson.

1: Listen...I said I don't owe you any money.

3: (Moves closer) I think I'm going to need to help your memory a little bit. You aren't very cooperative.

1: I know you're bigger than me, and you can probably beat me up, but I still don't owe you any money.

3: (Moves closer) I think you do owe me some money, and I want it now!

1: (Shaking) Okay, okay. I'll give you five dollars!

3: What a sucker! (Laughs)

2: (Enters) What's going on here?

3: Oh, nothing much.

1: This guy just took my money...he said I owed it to him.

2: Did you owe him a five dollars, (#1's name)?

1: No, but he kept saying he was going to help me memory, and stuff like that.

2: Oh, a bully, huh?

3: Hey...listen. I was just kidding. I wouldn't have kept his five dollars. You were right (#1's name). You didn't owe me any money.

2: Listen, (#3's name), I don't ever want to see you trying to bully my friend again, understand?

3: Yeah...never again...I promise.

2: I don't like people who pick on people smaller than them. What do you think you're trying to prove? How tough you are? Let's see how tough you are.

3: No! No...that's okay.

2: I'm going to be watching you, and I don't want to hear of you bullying anybody ever again. I want you to be nice to people and help them, not hurt them. Especially if they are smaller than you.

3: Okay, (#1's name), I'm sorry I tried to take your money. I don't know what I was trying to prove. I guess I don't have many friends, and I wanted someone to look up to me.

1: It must be a drag having no friends. (Whispers in the ear of #2.)

2: Okay, it's a deal.

1: (# 3's name), I want to be your friend. If you want to, you can come with us to get ice cream after school.

3: It sounds great...but I don't have any money.

1: It's okay! I have five dollars! (All laugh and exit.)



MORTIMER and CHARLIE: by Edgar Bergen

From the Sunday Morning Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1939.
Copyright 1939 by Edgar Bergen Interest, Inc.
International and Pan American Copyright reserved. McNaught Syndicate, Inc.



Here's another new item series from Animated Puppets they are calling: Ventril-o-"Kit". This one was sold on eBay auction. It is now offered along with other characters on the Animated Puppets blog: http://www.animatedpuppets.blogspot.com/ . Click the sidebar link that reads "Kevin's Ventril-o-Kits".

This Ventril-o-"Kit" consists of :

1) Keepsake Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll with a hollow body, head on headstick, side to side moving eyes. Turn head full circle, tilt, nod etc.

2) I nstructional DVD on Ventriloquism (Successful Ventriloquism, 50 min.) by Mark Wade teaching Ventriloquism, so easy anyone can learn!

3) T ravel bag for safe storage. Everything fits inside to carry everywhere you go. Nothing to put together, just a great way to get started in Ventriloquism at a discount price! Great gift idea for anyone of any age!


Slappy anyone???

Kevin Detweiler
If you've been hearing the rumor that there's a shortage of Slappy dolls, you just don't know where to go!


"Thanks, my friend ..."

I've had two ventriloquist puppets that could be operated both manually and by remote. The first was a vent figure with remote electronics installed by my good buddy, Don Thieman. The figure had two remote movements: mouth and eyes. But in using that figure from stage only once, and then reviewing a video of my performance, I realized for a large audience, moving eyes on a figure sitting alone before the audience were not effective for those sitting further back than the first few rows. But a turning head, although it presented some difficult complications, was going to be a must. So my smiling buddy, who had built and flown remote controlled air planes nearly all his life came to my rescue again. We combined our creativity to build "Albert the Alligator" whose remote operations were: moving mouth, turning head, and nodding head. And I purposely chose an alligator for this project because he had a BIG mouth and a BIG head. Perfect! (You can see Albert and get an inside peek at the workings) on my No. 2 Photo Album .
What fun Don and I had on those projects! I knew next to nothing about the electrical/remote technology needed, and Don never built a vent figure. But together, with much laughter, we found success. Last Week, after enduring years of hardship due to a physically weakened heart that could no longer sustain life, Don left this world for a much better and eternal heavenly home where he now enjoys a life free of pain and weakness. Yesterday Adelia and I attended Don's memorial service. We also revisited some of the many fond memories of times and events past. Our family has been blessed in so many ways through Don and his family - thanks my friend! Our prayers, love and sympathies to Dottie and all the family.
Today is Veteran's Day 2009. Don was a veteran and what better day to honor him and all those who serve and have served our country on this Veteran's Day, 2009. Thanks to all!!


"Slim Chance"

Okay - maybe we're on to something here (see post below). Jeff Scott (left) just sent in these two pictures with the accompanying note:

"Hi, Clinton. I have this figure from Tim Cowles as a man... he is 'Slim Chance' the cowboy. The face is loaded with character and gets a great response. (the picture does not do either one of us justice!)
This figure is bald on the top of his head and hair on the sides... dressed in a suit he makes a great looking butler. Dressed in an apron, he looks like a grocery store clerk. Honestly, the lines on the face set this character apart... good luck to Hillary.... Blessings, Jeff Scott "
Creativity and imagination make a wonderful combination with priceless results! Thanks, Jeff!


Granny to Gramps?

When one of our local ventriloquists, Hillary Saffrin, contacted me to tell me she plans to offer her never-used "Granny" figure (by Tim Cowles) for sale, I suggested she consider first letting me convert it to a "Gramps" character. What do you think? Does the unique face offer that possibility? With it's raising eyebrows and winker/blinkers, I think this character could make a strong addition to some vent's act, Granny ("bag lady"??) or Gramps. Maybe a wig or costume change? Eyeglasses? If you have comments or are interested in pricing, etc. , send me an email note and I will forward it to Hillary. mahertalk@aol.com


Fire restoration?

Question: Did you make Jake for me around 1974? If you did/or not, could you make one for me close to his looks? Moving self center eyes, eye brows that move and he would not need to have the eyes that blink. I lost Jake in a fire and would like him back. Respectfully Yours, Dennis Gutke

* * * * * * *
Answer: I believe your Jake was a carved basswood figure that was sold by Maher Workshop in California. At the time of your purchase of Jake the California workshop was owned by Craig Lovik, then later sold to Chuck Jackson who went out of business several years later (late 1980s, I believe). As a result, no one is making that character today. You could watch eBay for a similar character, but honestly, that's a real long shot. Craig's son, Keith, is still building latex molded figures. Whether he could make you something similar or not, I don't know, but you can contact him here: info@lovikspuppets.com (Craig has long since left the figuremaking business.)

Maher Graduate

From Larry Youngberg:

"For over ten years I have been performing with the 'Those Were The Days Radio Players', recreating old radio programs. Here's a picture of 'Bart' and me doing our performance recreating Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. (I made the top hat out of cardboard and felt.) Originally I intended to just do the Bergen/McCarthy recreations, but I recently purchased a monkey puppet and am writing an evolution/creation dialogue which could be used for church work. I will see how it goes from here."


Comical Clyde update

Hi Clinton,

I noticed your post about the Comical Clyde repair. The character is still available from Keith Lovik. I think "Clyde" has improved with age. The slot jaw is now tighter and the curves on the face have softened over time and look more natural. Keith did a remarkable job. Regards,
Cliff Wiggs
* * * * * *
Host Note: Keith may be contacted via e-mail at( info@lovikspuppets.com )


Willy/Dan dolls

From Glen Rappold:

Looks like what you have there (see photo lower left) are 3 variations of the Willy Talk/ Dummy Dan vent dolls made from around 1925- the 1940's. Those dolls were actually available in 3 sizes...31", 22", and 18". there were actually two large toy companies making vent dolls during that time- and apparently both companies called their figures by the same or similar names. If memory serves me correctly, the Dummy Dan's were made by the Ralph Freundlich company of New York City, and the large Willy Talks by Regal.

These Willy/Dan dolls were actually the dolls Fred and Madeleine Maher upgraded to create many of the figures in their first catalog. Later, the catalog was upgraded to include the figures Dale, Buster, Bill, Linda, etc.- all of which were upgraded versions of the large model in their original incarnations. In fact, I owned one of those original Buster's for a time, and under the wig you could still see the original molded hair. Madeleine (or Fred) would build up the features (noses, cheeks, etc, with plastic wood to create the characters. Clinton, if I were you, I'd go back to the very original Maher catalog, and then the later version with Buster, and re-create a couple of those early characters- Maher fans like me would LOVE to see them!

* * * * * *
From Clinton: Russell was my personal favorite of the Maher figures made from the Willie/Dan dolls. If I could go back 20 years knowing what I do now, I might try to recreate that figure. But now? I'm afraid there's too much sawdust on the floor....
And since these little fellas (left) are the smallest 18" size, they're too small for any practical upgrade. Even their restoration is questionable at this point.

PS: My personal thanks to all of you who responded to my request for factual details on these dolls. I have saved all your emails and photos to my files for future reference.


Before and after

She arrived needing some minor internal repair, but while the wig was off I also closed up the gaps along side the mouth (using Bondo auto body filler) and repainted her.



* * * *
David Dickey (NE)
Gene Reck (FL)
Oscar E. Malatesta (ON)
Patricia L. Van Scyoc (WV)
Natalie Vickery (UK)
* * * *
Joseph Motta (OH)
Gene Reck (FL)
James P. Tucker (PA)
Natalie Vickery (UK)
Janice Watson (UK)
Larry Youngberg (IL)
For more information on the Maher Home Study Course of
Ventriloquism, or to purchase,

From Maher Graduates & Alumni

"I graduated from Maher studios course in ventriloquism (both the Basic and Advanced) in 2008 and achieved honors in both Courses. Evan and I have done much more than one hundred performances since then. You are a very real blessing to a guy like me, as equipment, publications, etc. for ventriloquists are virtually non-existent here in Canada. May God bless and prosper you." Wilson Kindred

* * * * *
"This is an excellent Course. It was recommended to me by Ken Groves. I would like to thank you for continuing the program after your retirement. Otherwise it would not have been possible for my study." Patricia Van Scyoc
* * * * *

"I have enjoyed the Course. It has been encouraging and inspiring. I consider both my time and money well invested. Now I am able to give out help to others. My goals are to teach 'good character', 'anti-bullying', and so forth to kids. Our 14 year old son is special ed needs. I would like to help out in his school and others to promote good interpersonal relationships. Wish me luck!" Janice Watson
* * * * * *

"Taking the Maher Ventriloquism Course in 2005 was one of the best educational ventures I've ever been a part of. What joys and blessings I experience every time I put a puppet on my hand. I make sure to read your blog regularly. I receive so much help from it. Thank you for your encouragement and support." Barb Gregersen


For Sale

Hello, teachers - here's a an item for you! A Ventriloquist Talking Clock! Another one of a kind by Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets. This little guy is so adorable your kids will love him! Plus they will learn! Watch their faces light up when "K.C. the Clock" comes to life with his easy to see moving mouth. Just like a true ventriloquist doll he has side to side self-centering eyes. Both controlled with one hand, so simple! The hands on the face are movable, you can set them up in any position and let the fun begin! He is 9" tall and 12" wide. No battery required. He will never run out of things to say, as long as you have the time! BID NOW before Ebay says times up! Click Here to see additional pictures.

For sale

Christmas Tree Puppet
From Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets . Need an idea for a Christmas program? How about using a talking Christmas tree! A true ventriloquist Hollow body, with headstick, turn head full circle, tilt, nod, etc. Now available in plenty of time for this year's Holiday season! This little guy is 18" tall. So easy to operate his moving mouth with trigger on headstick. Need an idea on a routine? Or what he would say? That's available too! But only to the winning bidder! Christmas is just around the corner! Listed now on eBay auction: Click Here


Two happy scarecrows

From Barb Gregerson:

My "Cal the Cool Kid" puppet has many personalities. Here he is "Scrugs" the scarecrow, when we passed out treats to the children from the childcare center at Hawkeye Community College where I am a Professor in early childhood education. My students enjoyed having him visit my classes later in the day as much as the preschoolers enjoyed chatting with him in the morning. On other ocassions he is "Cal the Cool Kid", "Jingle" the Christmas elf, "Rocco" the clown, and "Francis" the Pilgrim boy - who was the son of my ancestor Elinor Billington. Each has a different costume and personality. We've had a wonderful time interacting with people of all ages during the 5 years we've been together.


'Evan Hardwood Kindling'

Dear Mr. Detweiler:

Last fall I graduated from the 'Maher Studio's ventriloquist's Course". My wife and I have been travelling across Canada, ministering in many different ways. We never realized how much ventriloquism (especially in the person of 'Evan Hardwood Kindling') would enrich and enhance our Ministry. Evan has been used of God to bless thousands of people in many venues. Kids of all ages enjoy Him. Children laugh and squeal with delight. The presentation for the elderly so often changes their expressions from a passive and detached slumping existence to a bright-eyed, and eager anticipation when Evan comes into view!

In this photo Evan is wearing his policeman's uniform. He also owns a Policeman's uniform, a railway man's outfit (Gandy Dancer), Dr's outfit, fireman's outfit, a cowboy's outfit (less horse and guns), and a tuxedo. He's better dressed than I am. Wilson Kindred