99 Cent Book Auctions

Just a reminder - every week I select a group of ventriloquist subject books from my remaining Maher Studios inventory to be offered on eBay with 5 day auctions starting at just 99 cents (free shipping). You'll find a quick link to all auctions below. Auctions begin on Wednesdays and end on Mondays.

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The following is from Steve Engle's Mother Goose SAFETY Nursery Rhymes (copyright 1998 bt Steve Engle) and for sale now in the above mentioned auction.


F: (Recites) Mary had a little lamb, it followed her to school; The little lamb's a hero now, 'cause Mary broke a rule.

V: Mary broke a rule? What rule?

F: (To vent) SSHHH! (Continues reciting:) At the corner of the street she looked not left or right; As Mary stepped off the curb, A car come into sight.

V: Uh-oh! Look out, little Mary!

F: (Ignores vent and continues:) That little lamb grabbed Mary's coat and wouldn't let her go - (pause) or Mary'd be an ANGEL now ... with WINGS as white as snow!

V: So the little lamb kept Mary from being hit by the car!

F: (Recites:) Remember Mary and her lamb each time you cross the street; Be sure to STOP (Hold hand up, palm out) and LOOK (Hand over eyes) and LISTEN (Hand behind ear) before you move your

V: Very good lessons, (puppet's name).


  1. Wow, amazing Slappies.

  2. Mr. D, I don't know how my above commment got in there, as it was a comment to something a few days ago. The piece, however, by Steve Engle is really good. LeeDean