Tip of the Issue

Our friends at The Dummy Shop just sent us a picture of their newest character, Samuel Henry Issac Davis. I have a feeling he's a man who will not hesitate to speak his mind!

Included with the email release was this tip (which we pass along with their permission) for those of you working with soft puppets:

Tip of the Issue: A new friend of ours received a puppet this week and made the comment that the mouth was a little bit loose on his hand. There is an easy fix for this. We told him to go to his local fabric store and buy a small piece of 1/2" foam. Cut the foam a little smaller than the approximate size and shape of the puppets mouth and insert it in the mouth between your fingers and the mouth. For those who have puppets that have finger and thumb straps, this will take up all the slack and give you a snug fit if that is your preference.

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