Maher Graduate

From Larry Youngberg:

"For over ten years I have been performing with the 'Those Were The Days Radio Players', recreating old radio programs. Here's a picture of 'Bart' and me doing our performance recreating Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. (I made the top hat out of cardboard and felt.) Originally I intended to just do the Bergen/McCarthy recreations, but I recently purchased a monkey puppet and am writing an evolution/creation dialogue which could be used for church work. I will see how it goes from here."


  1. Hey Clinton

    looks like Larry is one the right track, however I don't think Edgar would perform in jeans, tell Larry that once he wears a nice shirt, tie and jacket, the audience will take note and not miss a line and you'll get better laughs. With all due respect, what the entertainer wears besides the routine is vital for success. You can tell him I said this.

  2. Anonymous11/08/2009

    Dear Sir, I too have a great fondness for Charlie and Edger Bergen and wish to see their work kept alive for all to enjoy. They are timeless classics. I wish you well.