Charlie Package from Animated Puppets

Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll (Standard style with hollow body and headpost) and Jim Beam Decanter and Spoon (ALL 3!)

From Doug Preis:

In the event that there are any kids out there that aren't afraid of clowns...or ventriloquists...
Here's the perfect character to help cement the deal...
Peculiar design choice, eh?
I'm guessing not a lot of repeat kid's birthday party shows...

For Sale

#260 - Just completed last Saturday.  I've posted additional photos on my "Figure's for sale" page;



This book (22 pages) was published by Supreme Magic Co., Bedford, Devon.  It does not contain a copyright date that I could find.  EIGHT VENT ACTS by Val Andrews contains six dialogues for vent use with "cheeky boy" character, one act for vent with girl dummy, and one novelty act with grandfather clock character (includes illustrations on how to make the clock).  This vintage collectible contains many useful gag lines for today's moden ventriloquist performer and is for sale on eBay now (with complete list of dialogue titles and descriptions): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290639763949

Here's an excerpt from the author's introduction to Ventriloquial-Vitality:

I made my start in show business as "The Wonder-boy ventriloquist".  But those who do remember me as such can well understand why I became a magician and scriptwriter!  However, nothing we do in this life is really wasted, and my early ventriloquial experience has stood me in good stead when writing material for those who talk to themselves for a living!

Though not, as often popularly supposed, "A GIFT", ventriloquism is still not the easiest of the performing arts.  In the past one of the most difficult aspects has been the finding of good material.  There are books on the technical side of the art, but the dialogues contained therein are not intended for professional usage.  The dialogues and other items in Ventriloquial-Vitality, however, ARE!

New look..


Now on eBay:


The New Oracle Auction

I have placed a large collection of 46 different copies of The New Oracle (1976-1986) up for eBay auction along with pictures of the entire 46 issues (10 are shown above).  The cover featured vents in the above photo are: W. S. Berger, Paul Barkdoll, Dennis Alwood, Col. Bill Boley, Dick Bruno, Paul Winchell, Jay Marshall, Terri Rogers, Frank Marshall, and Jimmy Nelson.  I have listed the entire lineup of all issues included in this collection on the auction site, as well as an alphabatized listing of the names of all the professional ventriloquists featured on the covers.  The New Oracle, edited and published by Mark Wade for memebers of the SAV, was a high quality newsletter publication.  Only rarely will you find a collection of this size being offered for sale as one unit.  With no auction reserve.  Here's your chance!


For sale:

This book was published by Supreme Magic Co., Bedford, Devon.  It does not contain a copyright date that I could find.  SIX CABARET VENT ACTS by Val Andrews contains six dialogues for vent use with "cheeky boy" character.  Contents: Go West, Young Man (vent and dummy in character as westerners); Lonely (the dummy is lonely and the vent soon learns why); Born In A Trunk (dummy relates his theatrical experiences); Not Well (the dummy is under the weather and the vent is a somewhat incompetent doctor); The Ventriloquist (ventriloquist lectures the dummy on the act of voice-illusion); and Caught Unawares (advice for those troubled with insomnia). 

This book is a vintage collectible, yes, but in reading through the comedy material, there are some very funny useful lines for today's entertainer as well.  eBay auction listing with photo of book:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290638751386

From New York ...

From Joan "Cookie" Jensen:  Here are some ventriloquists from the NY metropolitan area congratulating Nina Conti after her successful Off-Broadway Show! 
Nina Conti is in the center; Joan "Cookie" Jensen and Steve Petra are on the right;  and Sheree Brown-Rosner, Jimmy Eisenberg, and an aspiring vent are on the left.  Nina was amazing and her show was sold out!  What a unique talent!

Teamwork ...

Question:  Hi there, I am very very much interested in buying one of your ventriloquist figures in the near future. I was just wondering if I could buy it unpainted because my grandfather is an artist and we're very close.  He's been very supportive of my ventriloquism and I don't know how much longer he'll be around, as he hasn't be doing very well.  I just thought it would make this figure a sentimental piece.  Reid
*  *  *  *  **
From Mr. D:  Thank you for your interest in my ventriloquist figures, Reid.  I can appreciate the fact that you want to involve you grandfather in the process.  But the painting of a vent figure takes place at a point several steps before the end of the building process.   It is after the painting that I install the raising the raising eyebrows, the eyelashes, cut, style and fasten the wig into place.  The mouth is cushioned for silent closure.  And a couple other details.

Perhaps your grandfather can be consulted about the NAME the figure should have - very important.  And/or the clothes he should wear.  You and your grandfather could do some brainstorming about the character traits and personality the figure should be given.  Maybe your grandfather has some favorite jokes you and he could turn into dialogue between you and the figure.

As you include your grandfather in the development of your ventriloquist partner, I know you will make your grandfather feel very special.  He will be honored, and you will be blessed.


Three chicks and a puppet
Lori Schnell with her newly refurbished Lovik figure, "Frankie".  I doubt the chicken Lori is holding has a name since it is just one of Lori's flock of 400 free range laying hens, but should this trio put together an act, it might be the first where the goal would be to lay an egg!

Announcement ...

On Saturday 3 September 2011 Prizzy Tjong and Australian ventriloquist Glenn Pearce were married in Sydney. The attached photo shows the studious Kingsley Allgood (a magnificent figure made by the great Alan Semok) ‘helping’ Glenn perform the groom’s speech.  Kingsley was there as a  work experience candidate.  And no, this is not a photo for a caption contest, but it very well could be.


Col. Bill Boley Autobiography

When we purchased Maher Studios in 1969, Bill Boley was one of the first professional ventriloquists to throw his support behind our efforts.  We soon became good friends, sharing talk about the figures we built, dialogues we wrote, vent community "gossip" and more.  Even our path to the profession was similar.  We were born only months apart, and both sets of our parents were farmers in rural communities near small towns - his in Kentucky and mine in Kansas - admittedly, quite a difference there.  We both took up magic in our youth which eventually led us into ventriloquism, and it was that interest that caused our paths to meet, something for which I will forever be grateful.

Just a short time before his untimely death, Bill was moved to write and publish his life story: My Life In Magic and Ventriloquism.  Copyright 1997. 42 pages of text, 30 pages of photos and more.   It is a fascinating, inspiring read.  I have one copy only.  Signed.  For sale: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290637528913

"Howie" Olson Course

A year or so ago M. A. Denemark sent me a copy of Everything's That Ventriloquism to give as a prize.  After awarding the book I had inquiries on how to purchase a copy.  But I had no additional copies at that time.  This week, however, while going through the George Boosey collection, I came across a like new copy of this book.  The contents are written as a twelve lesson Course in ventriloquism, all inclusive.  Beginning with instruction on mastering the vent technique, and concluding with tips on booking the act.  Coming from a ventriloquist show business heritage (both his father and grandfather were professional ventriloquists), Howie spent his entire life as a ventriloquist performer beginning at the age of seven.  Howie died in June of 1992 and one month later, July 1992, he was voted into the Vent Haven Museum Hall of Fame.  This book is the original manuscript Howie used with his students.  Learn from a master!  For sale by auction now: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290637721978 

#258 Super-Supreme 34" figure

 For sale now on eBay auction (NO reserve).  

Eyebrows both RAISE and LOWER from a single control lever.

Newly completed.


Secret of the Edgar Bergen Case

I just finished reading a very interesting feature article in this March, 1948 issue of Radio Stars.  The title of the article is "The Secret of the Edgar Bergen Case."  It seems Edgar had just announced he was leaving his radio show, and the country was abuzz with speculation that he must be ill and maybe even on his deathbed.  Or perhaps a holdout for more money even though he was already getting $25,000 per radio show. 

But according to the writer, Carl Schroeder, nothing could be further for the truth.  Schroeder continued, "The whole thing is amazingly simple and unsensational.  The answer?  Television.  And his unquenchable thirst for perfection.  To plan for television now on a large scale, with his usual perfection, would be impossible while carrying on a full time radio show." 

Candice Bergen and the "three men in her life."
This quite lengthly article tells how Bergen got started in his career of ventriloquism, how he met his wife, and much more.  If you're a Bergen fan and collector, I recommend this piece.  I've listed the magazine for eBay auction:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260901146218
Simon Sez: Happy Thanksgiving!
Mr. D says: Count your blessings.
(Simon Sez: I'll feel blessed just to have my body returned!)


New Oracle newsletter collection - available soon!

Yesterday I started taking inventory of a rare New Oracle ventriloquist newsletter collection. 46 different issues.  What an amazing amount of vent history, news, photos, ads, articles, convention reports, and more!  The New Oracle was published for memebers of the Society of American Ventriloquists.  The publication period ran from 1976-1986.  Mark Wade, editor/publisher.  This collection includes about 75% of all the copies published during that ten year run, and does include the first and the final issue.  My plan is to list the set on eBay over the weekend.  I will post the link when this rare collection has been listed.


Captain Dick's Ventriloquism Rules

Basic Rule of Ventriloquism: "Ventriloquism is not hard to learn, it is just hard to do."

Rule for Accomplishment: "If you study, you'll learn how to do it.  If you practice, you'll become able to do it."

Movement Rule: "Watch people and make the figures behave the same way they do."

Voice Rule: "Always imagine that you are on radio and make sure the audience will be able to tell that there are two people."

Lip Control Rule: "Practice substitutions as much as you possibly can, and do your very best ... but don't shoot yourself just because your lip twitched!"

Rule For Dummy Handling: "If you don't believe your dummy is alive, and treat it as if it were, no one else will believe it either."

Rule for Practice: "Do it!"

Rule for Character Development: "Remember that skill makes the illusion work, but it's the character that makes the audience enjoy it."

Rule for Performing: "Any audience, whether they are paying you or not, deserves your best.  You are taking their time, and asking them to give you their approval."

Rule to Protect the Ventriloquial Image: "Never admit that you can't throw your voice, and never attempt to perform without some mis-directive object."

Rule for Reacting to Negative Reactions: "Your friends may think you are weird.  That's great! Un-weird people are boring!"
*  *  *  *  *
From All At Sea Over Ventriloquism, Captain Dick's Logbook by Richard P. Wightman, alias "Captain Dick." Copyright 1987.

For Sale: Capt. Dick's Logbooks

I have one copy each of Capt. Dick Wightman's Ventriloquist Logbooks for sale now on eBay auction.

Captain Dick's Logbook: ALL AT SEA OVER VENTRILOQUISM  Signed. Contents include:  All At Sea Over Ventriloquism (A crash Course on how to become a ventriloquist); What Is Ventriloquism?; What Are The Elements of Ventriloquism? (Movement, Voice, Lip Control, Dummies); Tips On Practicing;Character Development; Performing.  You'll find suggested voice exercises, tips on clothing & wigs for the figure.  There's a chapter on "How to do the Drinking Bit".  Seven dialogues.  And last but not least: Building "Henry", Capt. Dick's Wooden Dummy.  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260899770583

Captain Dick's Logbook VOL. II: Further Voyages In Ventriloquism (Richard P. Wightman). Signed.   Articles include:  Dummies In Flight; Halloween Idea; The Marshall Plan (Author's account of obtaining a Frank Marshall figure); The Sound and The Fury (sound systems); Capt. Dick's Dummies.  Interviews with: Ray Guyll; Chuck Jackson; Willie Tyler; and Capt. Dick's own story.  Dialogues: An Incident At The Airline Counter; Fast Eddie's Routine; John T. McClintock's Rourine; The Antique Car; It's A Dog's Life; Rudolph; and Christmas Routine (using two kids as dummies).  Plus several photos and cartoons.


Photo Captian Contest now closed

Walter provided by www.jeffdunham.com
Blog visitors were invited to read through the captions below and then vote for their favorite(s) in a polling section provided.

Your votes determined the winner who will receive the "talking" Walter doll in the picture (and I'll be happy to get him out of my shop - one week with that face looking over my shoulder is plenty!).

I've added all contributor's names to their submissions. Congratulations to Thomas Ayers whose caption was voted reader's favorite, receiving 48% of the total number of votes!  And a big THANKS to all of you who participated with caption entries and voting.
#1 - "Hands down, this is the most revolting situation!" Dave Boiano
#2 - "You think this is bad?  Last time it was a dozen feet!" Bob Albano
#3 - "Bahh!  No Helping Hand from Me!" Bill Biles
#4 - "A hand up is what I'm looking for, not a hand out." Wes Green
#5 - "All I ever get is Hand-Me-Downs!" Doc Lowery
#6 - "Buncha Senor Wenses wannabees." Mark McClintock
#7 - "I asked for a hand, but this is RIDICULOUS!" Ron Butcher
#8 - "I've been in a 'man' cave before, but never in a 'hand' cave!" Al Gregersen
#9 - "Looks like we need a palm-reader ..." Thomas Ayers
 WINNER: #10 - "They must have a 'Hands off Policy' here!" Thomas Ayers
Runner-up: #11 - "Only 3 more proctologists and I got me an even dozen." Karen Hostetler
#12 - "Hanging around with all hands on board." Daniel Peters


"Cheap" dolls?

From Deputy Bob Walsh:   Thank you, Clinton,  for the China Tour post on your blog.  In a couple years, I am planning to return to China again.  Do you know of anyone who might be selling small vent dolls, like Mahoney, cheap, so I can buy them to give away in China at puppet workshops in the home schools and private schools in Kunming and Beijing next time?   I gave an Axtell mic-mouth away to puppeteer Tony Lee Wing Hon this last time in China.
*  *  *  *  *
From Mr. D:  The days of "cheap" ventriloquist dolls are over, I'm afraid.  You're needing (or wanting) a basic starter doll with hollow body and head on headpost, I assume.  Often referred to as a "standard style".  I don't know any source for such a doll (new) under $100 these days.  I will mention your need on my blog.  Perhaps someone has a doll gathering dust in a closet they would donate for your next trip.  Even if someone has a doll in need of repairs they would donate, that would work - I'll repair it for you at no charge.  Ironically perhaps, most of the starter dolls sold in the US today, such as the popular Goldberger line of characters, were built in China and shipped to US for sale as basic models (stuffed body).  Now there's a possibility that you'll be taking a couple upgraded dolls back to their home continent...that's a long round trip just to have a headpost installed! 


"'Tis the season!"


Izzy Rizzy Course For Sale

I have one book only, like mint condition, now for sale on eBay:

IZZY RIZZY'S HOME COURSE IN VENTRILOQUISM.  1975 VG - 42 pgs; Michael M. Rzeminski author. Contents include:  A Definition of Ventriloquism; Breathing Exercises; Establishing the Ventral Voice; Voice Throwing; Mouth and Lip Control; Ventral Alphabet; Creating Personaliity; Animation and Manipulation; Practicing Conversation; Dialogue; Distant Voice; Trick Effects; How to Develop and Use Material; How To Get Started Performing; Student Counseling; and more.  Dedicated to Paul Stadelman from whom the author learned and to Jimmy Nelson.  Illustrated by DeVere Yeargans.


Check it out...

From Tyler Ellis:  Meet my first figure, Hank!  I have been working on him for quite some time now...I am super excited to finally have him finished.  He is fiberglass with a moving mouth and raising eyebrows. He is not for sale or anything...I just wanted to share!

Misc. shop talk

This morning James Tucker sent me a photo (left) of his latest creation.  He carved the head and hands of Yellow Pine.  Wood carved figures are rare these days - he can be proud.  And from Yellow Pine?  As I recall from my woodworking and carpentry days, Yellow Pine is not a soft wood, nor the easiest to work with.  He could use this fellow as a body guard!

 Below is an unmarked photo sent to me.  Two interesting figures on the right, but I do not know the maker.  Capt. Dick, perhaps?
From Bob Isaacson:  I'm pretty sure the 3 figures are..... left to right....the small one , most likely a Bill Anderson, the middle one is a Ken Spencer  & the girl is a Marshall  ( I've seen 3 heads, exactly like that one ).  hope this helps.     Regards,     Bob 

King Doofus III

From Steve Petra:  "Hi Clinton,  some years ago you sold "Puppet in a Can".  I essentially used the head and made King Doofus III (upper right in this photo). He has since disintegrated but  appears in a short segment in my upcoming instructional DVD  and I wanted to credit the original maker.  Who was it?

From Mr. D: The "Puppets In A Can" were created by Craig Lovik and produced by Lovik World.  As I recall, there were some 12 or more characters.  They were fun - I was sad to see their production cease.  The can acted as a portable puppet stage from which the puppet was manipulated.  (See post that follows).

Hand Held Puppet Houses for the Ventriloquist

Years ago I presented a number of workshops demonstrating ideas for ways to use hand held "Puppet Houses" as portable stages, using simple hand puppets as ventriloquist puppets.  The simple Stage not only added to the professionalism of the presentation, but also hid the vent's arm and the fact that the puppet itself was without full body.  In the book, "Build It Yourself" I included a chapter showing 15 such ideas for "Puppet Houses".  Here are two from that book:

1.  Doghouse made from a cardboard box or thin lightweight plywood.  Your arm enters from the rear.  Use this same idea for a lion cage, etc.

2. Surprise - look what's hiding in this drawer!  Made from nesting cardboard boxes.  Cut the end from both to allow your hand to enter.

A new copy of Build It Yourself (32 page book) published by Maher Studios
 is now on eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290633562386


For Sale

I offered this rare 1938 issue of The Family Circle magazine as a prize earlier this year.  But it went unclaimed by the winner, so I have now listed it for eBay auction, where I know it will be claimed!  The issue has special value to ventriloquists because of the front cover photo insert featuring Charlie McCarthy and friends.  The cover tease reads:

"Charlie McCarthy ... may think he's alone at last with his new girl friend Peggy, but rival Elmer is right there, as usual, leering in the background.  Peggy and Elmer and another Bergen brainchild, Ophelia, are described in Dudley Earley's 'Hollywood By-The-Way'."

For further description or to place your bid:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260895884425

Cecil's new outfit

"Cecil" (left) and Doc Lowery.  Cecil, a Conrad Hartz figure, is sporting his new suit.  I can see that outfit, held for so long in my storage closet, has now found the perfect owner.  Cecil looks good and Doc says, "The ladies love him!" 


China Tour

From Deputy Bob Walsh

Our China ventriloquist series is completed having performed programs in five different areas of China:  Sichuan, Qingdao, Kunming, Beijing, and Hong Kong.  I partnered with puppeteer Tony Lee Wing Hon and we taught character education, workshops for teachers (photos above) and parents, and faith-based programs where we were able to do so.  Total programs were 33 for over 1,600 children, teachers and parents. 

We found some time near the end to do some shopping and visit a new section of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu.  Previous times we visited both sides of the Badaling section of the Great Wall. 


Florida Vent Meeting Report

By M. A. Denny Denemark

The Central Florida Vents met last Sunday at Tom and Patti Dahl's beautiful home in Celebration Florida. We got to see Donald Woodford's new Gilmer figure, Ed Thomas brought out the figure he won at the conVention, Lee Wolfson showed off a figure he painted himself and Margaret Davis dazzled us with her duck and a good mask routine using Jacki Manna for a subject. Of course Tom Dahl did a few magic tricks and I dragged out Madame Noze-it-All and Ouija. Jim Teter even made a return visit he had so much fun at the last meeting. We even had a cake with an edible vent figure on it for the occasion.
Back Row from left to right:
Lee Wolfson, Ventriloquist
Larry Larkin, Comedian
John Parisi, Ventriloquist, Figure Maker
Al Stevens, Ventriloquist, Figure Maker and Musician
Ed Thomas, Ventriloquist, Actor
Donald Woodford, Ventriloquist and Collector
Jim Teeter, Ventriloquist

Front Row from left to right:
Carol Stein, Singer, Pianist
Karen Climer, Clown, Twister, Magician, VIT (Ventriloquist in Training)
Jacki Manna, no explanation needed
Margaret Davis, Ventriloquist
Tom Dahl, Magician and VIT
M.A. Denny Denemark, ventriloquist, comedy magican


True to life!

I was browsing through a 1977 copy of the Ventrilopedia Vol 5 which is made up of Ventoons by David Miller when I spotted the above cartoon.  It reminded me of one of my recent shop photos.  How true to life - the only difference - my project didn't speak!  (One can only guess what he was thinking, however.)

Via a prize drawing today, Jennifer Miller is the winner of the book referred to above.


For sale:

TWO framed and mounted $5.00 COINS   -  featuring JIMMY NELSON CELEBRATION!
Large metal coins (39mm) made of heavyweight Goldine Bronze.  This coin was struck for give-away to registrants at the 2011 International Ventriloquist Convention, where legendery Jimmy Nelson was the guest of honor. Only a limited number of these unique collectibe coins were produced so the true value of the coins will almost certainly be as  ventriloquist collectibles and momentos.  I have mounted and framed two identical coins so both obverse and reverse sides are displayed (no glue was used - the coins are fully protected and easily removed if you so desire).   For sale on eBay:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260892427682

11/11/11 Veteran's Day

To all Veterans, past and present:
Thank you for your service!
*  *  *  *  *  *
From Newsy Vents, Vol. 36, Issue No. 6 Copyright 1979 Maher Studios

For sale

I found the unused coloring book (below) in an antique shop in Iowa a number of years ago.  As a figure maker, I've always had a special love for the story of Pinocchio, and in particular, his wise maker, Geppetto.  And this unique book with "wipe-off" story board pages, edited and illustrated by Florence and Bob Dalton, has a wonderful image expression of Geppetto.  That image alone (above) drew me to purchase this book!

Published in 1954 by Jack Built Toy Manufacturing Company (Burbank, CA), this Color and Re-Color Book of Pinocchio (color, wipe off, and color again) is in very good condition.  It includes the full box of unused Crayons.  I'm ready to pass this item on to a new owner.  It is a rare find for the collector.  Or if you are like me, you may like to own it just for the pictures.  :-)

On eBay auction now:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290630905142


Now we know ...

As you already know if you have followed this blog very long, I announced last Spring that I would no longer be taking orders for Custom Carrying Cases.  But here you see me in a photo from just a couple weeks ago, preparing to go to FedEx with a six case order for a customer.

Six is the minimum to receive the quantity price from my Denver builder of the unlined cases.  And the weather in Colorado can be absolutely gorgeous in October which allows me to do all the work of lining and padding with my garage door wide open (I actually move out of doors for gluing the fabric to the foam).  Working while enjoying the sights and sounds of Autumn is a pleasure.

In the back of my mind I think I always wondered what it might take to get me to come out of "case retirement".  And now I know ... it pretty much depends on the weather ...


That Ugly Word!

By Howard Olson

I first learned the true meaning of this word many years ago.  The Great Lester, the world's greatest ventriloquist, was appearing at a high class restaurant in New York City.  I lost no time in securing a reservation.  After the show I went upstairs to his dressing room to renew an old friendship.

As I approached the door I heard his voice ...he was doing diaphragm exercises and running through the alphabet in his vent voice.  I knocked and was invited in with typical Lester greeting.  After giving him the congratulations he deserved, I asked him why he was doing basic exercises.

He told me that the minute he gave up these exercises he would no longer be considered the top man in his profession.  He said the secret of his success was keeping in top shape at all times.  I asked him if this meant practice.

"That is an ugly word, isn't it?" he asked.  "Practice."  He said the word without a sign of lip movement or muscle quiver.

Needless to say, I changed my mind about that ugly word on the spot.  It was the turning point of my career.  I give it credit for helping me get top billing.  The top money I received made that word turn from ugly to BEAUTIFUL!
*  *  *  *  *
Condensed from an article by the same title from The Ventriloquist Treasury of Ideas, published by Maher Ventriloquist Studios 1974.  A copy of this out of print 64 page book is for sale now at eBay auction:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290630355009
From The Ventriloquist Treasury of Ideas, copyright 1974; Maher Ventriloquist Studios


Scripting For Radio and Television

By Steve Thomas

If you are a fairly regular feature on an existing show (or any other repeat venue) in makes good sense to invest in some form of filing system.  Pay close attention to the material you do use, when it was aired, what show, and how well it was received.  It's very important to keep tabs on your good material and your bad material.  And your bad material?  Absolutely!  Remember that weak or bad material may be saved if it is rewritten or delivered at the appropriate time with the proper timing.  Save all your material.  Older material makes an ideal springboard for new material.

Remember, an old joke, dressed in a new suit and told to an audience that's never heard the joke before, is a new joke.  Presentation surely is the most important consideration when it comes to performing any type of humor.  Whether your material is old, new, borrowed, or blue; it's the YOU in your presentation that sells it.
*  *  *  *  *
This excerpt is from the book by the same title, written by Steve Thomas and published by Maher Studios 1982,  Now out of print, I have one copy to give away today via today's prize drawing.  The winner is:  Patricia Dunn-Anderson.