Ambrose joins the Army

From Thom Ayers:

Here's a picture of Ambrose and myself. We’re getting our uniforms ready for the Memorial Day parade…..he won’t march, but he’ll address us at the family cook-out afterwards.

I am having a great time, but need to work on my confidence. The grandchildren (9 yrs to 18 months) are always requesting to talk to Ambrose and Brewster so I guess they believe they can talk.
* * * * *
Mr. D note: Thom Ayers has visited a number of classrooms to discuss the Civil War and display equipment, clothing, and food stuffs. In an effort to aid communication with the younger students, Pvt. Ambrose, with all the characteristics which fit the perception of an old Civil War soldier, has been added to the presentations. Ayers told me that lately Pvt. Ambrose has started to develop a comical side which may lead to a complete routine which could be utilized outside the classroom. And since Pvt. Ambrose represents the Union, he has mentioned he thinks he should have a Rebel counterpart. Another battle brewing?


"Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me

From Wes Green

Clinton, I was chatting yesterday with a retired Salvation Army Officer who is also a ventriloquist and mentioned your blog. Her eyes lit up as I invested about 20 minutes listening to her reminisce about her days of "ministry" using the craft of ventriloquism to proclaim the Gospel. She climbed into her attic of tales and relived the moments of performance with "Andy". While she uses the computer guardedly, she allowed me to set a "favorites bookmark" to your blog so she could check up on you. I learned that Andy was a "Knee Pal" and came from the garden of Detweiler/Maher. Major Shirley Younts smiled and forgot the physical pains of aging for a moment. I think she found that the old trunk in the attic held reflections of Joy. Who knows when Andy may return to Sunday School. Ventriloquism maketh a heart glad. Thanks for the tools you place in the hands of His servants.


Talking Heads

I was alerted by Cliff Wiggs to an article in the June/July issue of American Craft magazine about the current figure making activity of Keith Lovik. It is a very interesting interview by Shannon Sharpe with some fascinating photos by Elena Dorfman. If you have a few extra minutes this holiday weekend, check it out.



The only one of its type left in my collection of Maher Studios memorabilia. Three tools: pen knife blade, finger nail file, and scissors. Never opened.
By way of today's drawing, this piece has been awarded to James Mast.

Contact Mr. D to claim your prize.


Dear Mr. D: I purchased a "Scotty" from you many years ago (and kept his name as Scotty). There is a chance my dear partner may have a chance to be in a commercial. My question to you is this, is Scotty considered a copyright character and do I need permission from you to use him for this type of work? I wanted to make sure before anything was decided. Thanks so much!Jessie Rex and Scotty
* * * * *
Jessie: You have my full permission to use Scotty (neither he or the name is copyrighted) in your commercials, DVDs, TV, movies, brochures, etc. Your success is my wish for you! And the same is true for all persons who own and use a ventriloquist figure which I built personally. Clinton Detweiler (Mr. D)


Kenny Warren figure

From Kenny Warren

Subject: Re: An old composition-type figure I donated to the Vent Haven Museum in 1966! It was a one of a kind paper mache type figure made by a puppet maker named "Walter DeLenz". The late John Carroll restored it way back ca. 1958....This old Polaroid photo (above) was taken by John Carroll on the very day I picked up the newly restored figure from his workshop upstairs of his sister's house which was on Myrtle Ave. here in Brooklyn, New York. You'll note that the clear preservative that was supposed to be fully/entirely placed onto the new photo has deteriorated in some areas, unlike my passion for ventriloquism!
The little boy in that photo was absolutely thrilled with the late John Carroll's fine restoration and it was my very first "professional, one of a kind" ventriloquist figure; I recall that as a gift he included a brand new set of hand carved wooden hands that matched everything perfectly. I treasured that little fellow very much. Memories, eh?
* * * * * *
Note from Mr. D" : The color photo here is current, showing Mr. Warren's Frank Marshall figure which recently received some repairs by our son, Kevin, and was repainted by me. Every time we touch one of these vintage figures we're making memories, yes, indeed!


Mark Wade Writes:


We've all read marketing books that say it is easier to keep a customer than to try and find new ones, and that is very true. However, no matter how good you are or how much the client likes you, there comes a time where they might "jump ship" and leave you for another performer. I know for me I feel let down, although I have changed my feelings over the years to come to accept it as a fact in the business world. I don't like it, but I have to accept it.
I have been working on what is called a "Win-Back" program, putting together strategies to win back lost customers. First, you have to find out why the customer left. If it was just a change at the top (whether it be a principal at a school or someone doing the booking of a banquet show, etc.) you need to know that. If it was for some other reason, you need to know that as well. Maybe (and I hate to think this..) the new boss who takes over doesn't like ventriloquists, or maybe they had a bad experience with one. Or maybe the person just doesn't like to book talent for their venue. Whatever the reason, try to find out.
If it's just because the new person doesn't know you, make yourself known with a phone call, a brochure or flyer in the mail to this person, and maybe get a recommendation about your show from someone in their industry that can vouch for you. But ALWAYS follow up! You can even design a special letter that you can send out to the lost customer asking them in a nice way to come back and give you a try. It doesn't hurt, afterall, if you don't do anything you'll still end up with nothing! You have nothing to lose!
Make a list of clients who have not used you in a while and then work through the list. Develop strategies to win them back, but by all means, try to add the personal touch by letting them hear your voice. Don't rely entirely on social media or some other electronic form of communication. The customers you can win back can make a huge difference in your business. Don't let all your hard work go to waste. Get in there and battle to reclaim your customers!


Ventriloquism Revealed

Questions: Did you author the Ventriloquism Revealed booklet? I was sure you did.
However, I had some person email me today saying a vent named Gordon Ross wrote the booklet for Maher Studios years ago. I wanted to get the story straight from you before I write this guy back explaining his mis-information.

* * * * * *
From Clinton Detweiler: I wrote every word of Ventriloquism Revealed, and I commissioned and paid Dave Miller for every piece of art. It was printed under the name of the North American Association of Ventriloquists, of which I was President. Books were made available to NAAV members with the member's name and photo on the cover for product sales and/or give-away items. More than a hundred members took advantage of that offer, including the ventriloquist you mention. I'm sure that's where the confusion arose. Next time I reprint any copies of Ventriloquism Revealed, I'm going to include my name as author on the cover and title page. And I have a signed copy waiting, my gift today for Steven Rauscher.
Contact Mr. D
to confirm your address and claim your book.

Mystery Beauty!

This is a delightful artist rendering of Bergen and McCarthy by Al Bergstrom. And I've had it for more than a decade I'm sure. Unfortunately, I don't have additional details on either the print or the artist. I've framed this large print (11x14) and by way of today's drawing it has been awarded to Ed Casey.
If anyone reading this can share more insight into this unusal work, please send me an email and I'll update this post. Thank you!


From Animated Puppets:

Here's a Shrek Ventriloquist Figure that can be yours "Forever After" and he is truly in 3-D! (no glasses required) A beautiful crafted green body with a special designed outfit from head to toe. A true ventriloquist figure, he is 30" tall. He has a ball and socket neck joint for smooth turning mobility. A hollow body with headstick, turn head full circle, tilt, nod etc. His mouth is easily controlled by a lever on his headstick.
Another "one-of-a-kind" by Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets. Just completed from his shop! Beautiful crafted head and hands to look just like Shrek. A 100% authentic Ogre. Don't let Shrek go back to his swamp alone. He's ready to make your house his home. Great for all ages! You'll find it on eBay auction HERE

From Maher Course student

I want to comment on the Maher Course thus far. I'm having a blast and I look forward to practice. I'm also looking forward to performing. I really appreciate the way the Course is presented in a positive and an encouraging format. I have to believe that contributes greatly not only to the success of the Course but, also to the success of the student. Thanks so much for a great Course. Keep up the good work and I look forward to a long friendship with Maher Studios. Yours Truly, Brother John
* * * * *



This framed Bergen & McCarthy Chase & Sanborn Coffee advertisement went unclaimed. By way of a "mini-drawing" this moring, it has been regifted to Donald Jones. Congratulations!

Ray Alan

Ventriloquist Ray Alan, known for his upper class puppt Lord Charles, has died at age 79, his agent has announced.

"Aging" a figure to make "new"

This was a major work-over. Starting with a vintage Lovik Knee Pal with the "drop through" neck (below), and converting it to an older man character with ball socket neck, new body, new face and ears, self-centering eyes, raising eyebrows. The character may appear older, but his life as a vent figure is brand new again (right and below)!

Meet "The Professor"

Before (left)
After (right and above)


#38 Ventrilo-Card (signed!)

Brad Cummings
Set 4; Card #2

Brad Cummings got started in ventriloquism when he was twelve, after reading Paul Winchell's book "Ventriloquism For Fun and Profit". In addition to Paul Winchell, he was inspired by Edgar Bergen and Jimmy Nelson. His first dummy was a Jerry Mahoney doll.

Brad was a finalist in the Los Angeles Stand Up Comedy Competition which aired on SHOWTIME, and appeared in major revue shows in Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He has opened for many stars including John Denver, Petula Clark and Dorothy Hamill. His television appearances include "The Merv Griffin Show," "An Evening at the Inprov," "Comedy on the Road," "Caroline's Comedy Hour," "The Statler Brothers" and a commercial for Long John Silver restaurant.
Brad is currently working on a children's television show with his pet dinosaur Rex.Copyright 1995 OO-LA-LA, INK
* * * * * *
Steve Schultz is the winner of today's drawing and will receive the framed Brad Cummings and Rex Collector Card which has been inscribed and signed by Brad. What a great prize for any collector. Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.

Back in the TV spotlight!

"Thank you again, Clinton, for restoring my Jerry Mahoney.

"Enjoy this TV48 link to see him in action dressed in his original clothes":


Bob Walsh


Mike Brose Book

Question: I have just found out that Michael Brose's book vent figure making can be fun is out of print. I would like to know if you know where to get one or other resources that would help me make a figure. I am fairly versed on the mechanics of the inside of the figure but not sure how to go about forming a figure and making cast and such. Since I am retired I have a lot of time so I really want to make my own figure. Thanks, Cleve
* * * * * *
Answer: You might find a copy of the Brose book on eBay or Amazon. It is availabe as a PDF E-book: here. I still have copies of the book MAKE YOUR OWN DUMMY. It could be helpful to you. $10.00 pp. I also have copies of Lesson 18 from the Traditional (1975) Maher Course which is a set of plans for building a simple figure. $5.00 pp.
Contact Mr. D


Thanks, Jeff!

Thanks to Jeff Dunham, I have three Peanut Dog Tags to give away today. Each 2" x 1" purple aluminum etched dog tag comes with an 18" ball chain. Packaged. The winners of this item are: Russell Baker, Jerrie Barber, and Chip Jones.

Contact Mr. D to claim your prize. If you're not a winner today, but would like to have a Peanut Dog Tag, you can purchase one from Jeff Here.

Reader writes...

Dear Mr. Detweiler,

Thank you very much for the Great Lester card and your letter!
It is a pleasure to have a collectible card about ventriloquist in the past, plus copy of new paper from June 14, 1945, plus your letter, plus USA Stamp too!

Usually I check your blog once a month, then save the entire month's page to my hard disk. It's like I get Newsy Vents once a month, just like the old days. But now I should check often, to get some free stuff. LOL Best regards,
Budi HaHa
Bandung - Indonesia


Living mouth

Question: Several years ago my ex wife purchased a pro dummy that had a living mouth. The mouth had no lines. Can you still purchase a dummy like this..

* * * * *
Answer: I'm sorry, but I do not know anyone building the living mouth figures today. I think the lack of production is because the fact that such a feature provides lower lip movement only which limits visibility from a distance. And the living mouth is actually less natural when the figure is speaking because there is no chin and jaw movement. Slotted jaw thus becomes the preferred type of mouth for most owners. So it is lack of demand that caused their demise more than anything. But figures with living mouth are great for close up and photos, I agree.

(The photo of "Brian" here was taken from a 1973 Newsy Vents. Built by Craig Lovik, the Brian figure was retired about a year later when the slotted jaw "Talk-alot" figures were introduced.)


Turning back the calender

From Tom Farrell: "I thought I would share a picture with you from the distant past. It was 1953 at an IBV/SAM convention in Cincinnati. W.S. Berger has 'Skinny' (in tux), Max Terhune (to Berger's left) is with 'Elmer'. I am the little 17 year old in front with my figure 'Jerry McDuff' (now in Vent Haven Museum). I don't know the names of the other vents (all their figures were borrowed from Mr. Berger's collection). The picture was on the cover of 'The Oracle' later (I've long since lost my copy)."

New lease on life

Another doll rescued by Mr. D!

ConVENTion 2010, July 14-17

Question: Clinton, I'm weighing the thought of attending the Vent Haven ConVENTion this summer. Do you and Adelia have any plans to travel that direction? Greg
* * * * *
From Clinton:
Unfortunately, no, we will have to pass on the convention this year. Our daughter , Dawn, and family who live in Ethiopia, will be coming home this Summer for a few short weeks, so we'll stay close to home to spend as much time with them as possible, and for other family events and reunions (including Adelia and my 55th anniversary celebration in July, the week following the convention).


The best ever!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ventriloquism by Taylor Mason

I've skimmed this entire huge 300 page book, and now am working my way through the pages reading them carefully word for word, and I'm absolutely AMAZED! This book by Taylor Mason is, without question, the BEST book on the subject of ventriloquism that I have ever read! And I think I have read all, or nearly all, that have been published in the last century.

If the publisher, Alpha books, does the proper job of marketing and distribution of Taylor's book, I predict it will prove to be to the next generation of ventriloquists what Paul Winchell's Ventriloquism For Fun & Profit was to mine.

The first section of the book teaches the novice how to become a ventriloquist. But fully two-thirds of the book is PACKED with suggestions on how to improve a vent act, create dialogues and complete shows, and how to market same. When my dwindling supply of Maher Courses has been sold out, this is the learning tool I'll recommend seeking ventriloquists. Yes, it's that good and complete. How it can be sold for a measly $18.95 retail, I'll never know. The only "idiot" is the person who says they want to be a better ventriloquist and delays buying the book! It is absolutely a must read for all vents and aspiring vents. I'd have given anything (almost) to get my hands on a book like this when I was starting out. Inclusive , inspiring and invaluable!

I don't sell it, but you can purchase it from Amazon (where it is being sold for the ridiculously low discounted price of only $11.95!). If you purchase this book, and don't feel it's worth every cent you paid, return it to ME and I'LL refund your money! :-)


Today's winner of this Maher Studios "World of Thanks" duo-signed" memento is Dale Scott and the Scott family, Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.

Three R's

The Give-aways I hold on this blog nowadays are quite conservative when compared to the NAAV giveaway we held in 1973. I just came across this old Newsy Vents ad page (below) introducing that bonanza event. Top prizes included two vent figures, five Crazy Birds, five beginner dolls and nearly 700 additional prizes! I've always enjoyed holding prize give-aways, although today I need to remember the basic "Three R's" - "Retirement Requires Restraint"!


Congratulations, Jim!

BransonShowAwards.com honored Jim Barber as the 2009 “Best Specialty Act” in Branson. This is the second consecutive year that Jim has received the honor from Gary Wackerly, a Theater Critic who conceived and manages the Branson show awards and Branson show review as the Award Committee Chair.

(Photo L-R: Barber and Wackerly)

On April 24, 2010 Mr. Wackerly presented the award to Jim Barber onstage during the evening performance of the Hamner Barber Variety Show.

Wackerly is an independent reviewer who relies on his background in education and his personal experiences of viewing every possible show in Branson, Missouri multiple times to determine his selections each year.

“No matter how many times you see this show something always strikes you as amazing or funny", says Wackerly. "Jim has the knack of bringing his constant smile to every audience. His enormous talent as a ventriloquist is remarkable. That is why he won the Best Specialty Act of 2009.”

For those who want to enjoy the hilarious Barber act now, without making the trip to Branson, a Barber & Seville DVD is available here . Even better, we're giving away today, right here, a free Barber & Seville DVD! And the winner is Thomas Ayers! Congratulations! Contact Mr. D to claim your DVD.


Mr. D's Triplets!

Here's a set of three heads I started in 1983 or '84 but did not complete. I gave them to our son Kevin, but (like father; like son) he has never found time to complete them either. So he's put the set up for sale on eBay auction. The heads are petite - best for 35-36" figures. Made of wood dough. The character was patterned after a smaller Frank Marshall head that I had at the time.

I did complete several figures that came from that same mold (two can be seen in the photo below). Knowing what I do today about sculpting, I believe I would try some changes to the facial features to see what might result. I'm almost tempted to bid on these myself!

FCM 2010

From Dr. Jeff Scott:

The vent section is alive and well at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. The annual convention is in Marion, Indiana, about an hour north of Indianapolis on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University, July 12-16th. One of the great advantages to this week of workshops is that you can pick and choose between vent workshops, magic, clowning, storytelling, juggling, face painting, and a host of other disciplines to sharpen your skills and pick up new ones. The
evening programs are exceptional and loaded with fun.

Here are some of the lectures scheduled for the vent during the week:
Steve Parker
on Introduction to Ventriloquism, and a second lecture on
Presenting Safety Messages with vent and illusion
Bob Shimer on Vent Techniques & Figure Selection and a second lecture on Walk Around Vent
Chuck Townsend will lecture on Bible Story Ventriloquism
Ricky Henson will lecture on
Using a Silent Vent Figure/Puppet
Oz & Wilde are lecturing on Humor for Comedy Teams (vent & figure, Laurel &
Joey Brummett's workshop is on
Everything a Vent Needs to Know About Sound
Bob Hill will lecture on Voice Production, Techniques and Exercises
Shari Elingson's workshop is entitled Creating a Marketable Show and a
second workshop is The Business Side of Ventriloquism
Mike Stenberg will lead a session on Novelty Vent
Robert & Alex Bremner: What Vents Need to Know About Children and Venting on TV.

July 12-16 promises to be a good week and many readers of your wonderful blog will
appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere they will find at FCM. Complete registration details and more will be found here:

Beatles act falls apart!

Bob Abdou has been performing his Beatles puppet show every year since 1995 at Official Beatles conventions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando and Atlanta. To keep coming back year after year, Bob creates new acts, all with a Beatles theme. In all, there are 25 different Beatles routines that have been performed, and 3 new ones are being created for 2011. Each Sunday at these conventions there are almost 2000 attendees that arrive early to the convention, and Bob's show is the opening act. Bob states, "as an entertainer, there is no greater feeling than hearing 2000 folks laugh at your jokes. One year I cried tears of joy because it was very overwelming - this is when I knew I made it."
Here are some bits from Bob's new show from this past Beatles convention 2010 in New York, Sunday morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-QOFtBor70 Be certain to check out the "fall apart" Danny O'Day bit - the breakaway dummy was created for Bob by Kevin Detweiler. To see more photos and videos check out http://www.mrpuppet.com/puppet.com/

Bob premiered his Beatles show at the 1995 Ventriloquist convention and re-inacted the act when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, Feb 9, 1964. He even had an Ed Sullivan puppet introduce the act. Here is a photo from that magical night.

the Barker magazine (2002)

This is special! It is a rare copy (mint) of the No. 6 issue of the Barker magazine edited and published by Bob Abdou. And the entire focus of this 2002 issue is ventriloquism and ventriloquists, both US and International. Loaded with articles and photos. Fascinating.

My thanks to Bob for providing this item from his collection for give-away today, and the very fortunate winner is Grant Carter. (Be certain to Contact Mr. D to claim your prize.)


"Alumni" reporting...

From Bastiaan Verhorst

This week I finished the Maher Ventriloquist Course. I studied it two times all over, and it won't be the last time. Yesterday I did my first presentation with my ostrich, Simone. What an experience!

I've been reading in the Course what effect a vent-caracter can have. That the public is fascinated by the figure. And that you're never working alone on stage. While reading, I thought: "it's of course primarily to recommand ventriloquism..."

But, no. It's all true. I was amazed! I'm an entertainer now for 25 years. I've done a lot, but this experience is new for me. And I look forward to the next show, 24 May.
From Cynthia Price: "Tommy wants to thank you for the really cool coin that you sent. Here you can see Tommy gazing in awe at the wonderful gift. (He was sitting in the window, watching the other kids playing outside and feeling sorry for himself because he can't run around. Now that the coin has cheered him up, he has decided to keep the coin for himself!)"

99 cent book auctions

Just a reminder, as I continue to clear out my inventory: Each week I select a number of Maher Studios published books to be offered on eBay auctions starting at just 99 cents with free shipping.
You'll find all current listings Here.
(All 99 cent book auctions begin on Wednesday and end Monday AM.)

Maher Memorabilia

From my box of Maher trinkets and artifacts I have today selected for give-away a couple of very rare Maher Ventriloquist Studios collectibles from the past. These two knives on a key chain feature three functions: knife blade, scissors, and finger nail file. Engraved with the words: Compliments of MAHER VENTRILOQUIST STUDIO, Littleton CO 80160.

Winners (1 each) are: Steve Case and Suzanne (Sue) Menck. Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.


An idea overdue?

From David Nickell

I haven't seriously begun ventriloquism yet. I'm still in the learning stage. But I recently purchased a second figure -- a soft puppet by SillyPuppets named Carlos (see photo) -- that I thought would be easier for practice than the wooden figure I bought. "Carlos" has the wonderful feature of removable legs, making it easy to manipulate and hold while reading the lessons and recommended practice in the Maher Course.

The other day I took him to my dentist's office to show to the hygienist who had expressed an interest in my progress with ventriloquism. She was delighted. She told me something truly amazing about her youth in Camaguey, Cuba. When she was maybe six years old, her mother enrolled her in the local arts school, hoping she could learn ballet. She was deemed too small for that, however, and ended up in music and art classes. But her description of the school is like nothing I ever heard before. Not only do they offer training in the traditional arts of music, dance, theater and art, but they also have instruction in ventriloquism and magic! Once a week, the students from the various disciplines would put on a show to entertain their classmates, thereby combining their learning with real-life experience.

That sounded like a great idea that is long overdue for this country to adopt. I mean if you think about it, look at all the out-of-work actors, singers, dancers and artists who graduate every year from top-rated arts schools. And then compare that to the number of working magicians and ventriloquists.

I don't know how you bring about such a change in the concept of U.S.arts schools, particularly in this economy, but it certainly seems worth considering.

Been misbehavin'?

Look who was spotted sitting in the corner.

While travelling through SE Colorado, John H. spotted this figure in the front window of a closed antique shop, and long story short, ended up buying it via a phone call after he got home.
This figure was likely build as a display piece rather than a working ventriloquist figure. The "half head" is some sort of molded plaster or mache over a wooden base. Hands the same. It might have possibilities as a "talking" picture.

It's all very interesting. Too bad we don't have the full story, but isn't that they way it usually is with a politician?

Pocket Puppets! 75 cents each!

These *Smiley Face* Pocket Puppets are made up with the back side blank so you can personalize them as your own!

Write on them with a permanent "Sharpie" pen, or print your own labels and stick them on the back side. (I prefer clear labels and they're easy to print on your own printer.) Or, just leave them blank. Give them away or sell them after your shows.

*Custom design by Dave Miller.

I purchase in large quantity for lowest price and sell these high quality Smiley Face Pocket Puppets (with blank back side) at my cost as a service to blog readers: 75 cents each plus shipping. Contact Mr. D to order. No minimum.

Self-centering eyes

Question: I'm having problems getting the eyes on my figure to "self-center". Any tips?
* * * * * *
Answer: There are several ways to make the eyes self-center. When building a new figure, I use extension springs as the rear arm on the eyeball, with one end inserted and glued into a hole drilled into the rear of the eyeball, and the other end of the spring inserted and glued into a hole drilled into the crossbar that links the eyes. That is all that is needed to cause the eyes to self-center.

On an existing figure with all mechanics in place, an easy way to make the eyes return to the center position is to find a way to stretch an extension spring from some point on the tiebar to the rear of the head, adjusting the tension as needed. (See photo) When possible, this is a relatively simple way to add the self-centering feature to an existing figure.


Birthday Gift

Today is our son, Kevin's, birthday. However, it was he who sent me a gift! It is the last remaining plastic wood shell head that I made back in 1982-83, part of the series of figures with "big eyes" (see photo of completed figures below). Kevin had rescued this unfinished from my shop's reject pile (back of the head is missing) thinking he would finish it some day.

"Some day" hasn't happened for him, so he asked if I'd like to have it back to finish. Well, sure! Now that I'm retired and have plenty of time (that's a dummy joke), I am looking forward to completing this job that was started 27+ years ago - just as soon as I complete the jobs now under way in my shop. Customer jobs come first - (that's no joke)!