'Evan Hardwood Kindling'

Dear Mr. Detweiler:

Last fall I graduated from the 'Maher Studio's ventriloquist's Course". My wife and I have been travelling across Canada, ministering in many different ways. We never realized how much ventriloquism (especially in the person of 'Evan Hardwood Kindling') would enrich and enhance our Ministry. Evan has been used of God to bless thousands of people in many venues. Kids of all ages enjoy Him. Children laugh and squeal with delight. The presentation for the elderly so often changes their expressions from a passive and detached slumping existence to a bright-eyed, and eager anticipation when Evan comes into view!

In this photo Evan is wearing his policeman's uniform. He also owns a Policeman's uniform, a railway man's outfit (Gandy Dancer), Dr's outfit, fireman's outfit, a cowboy's outfit (less horse and guns), and a tuxedo. He's better dressed than I am. Wilson Kindred

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  1. Very nice looking wood work, this Evan Hardwood Kindling, and doing very good works in Ministry across Canada.