Here's another new item series from Animated Puppets they are calling: Ventril-o-"Kit". This one was sold on eBay auction. It is now offered along with other characters on the Animated Puppets blog: http://www.animatedpuppets.blogspot.com/ . Click the sidebar link that reads "Kevin's Ventril-o-Kits".

This Ventril-o-"Kit" consists of :

1) Keepsake Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Doll with a hollow body, head on headstick, side to side moving eyes. Turn head full circle, tilt, nod etc.

2) I nstructional DVD on Ventriloquism (Successful Ventriloquism, 50 min.) by Mark Wade teaching Ventriloquism, so easy anyone can learn!

3) T ravel bag for safe storage. Everything fits inside to carry everywhere you go. Nothing to put together, just a great way to get started in Ventriloquism at a discount price! Great gift idea for anyone of any age!


  1. Excellent offering.

  2. Anonymous11/13/2009

    This combo is worth even twice the going bid or more. If I was just starting up in Vent, I would be very excited about this offer. I know of a young teen who is wanting to get into vent, and I'm going to tell him about this.
    John Lutton

  3. James Tucker11/17/2009

    I would'nt mind owning one! But I would like to get it as inexpensively as I could.