From Maher Graduates & Alumni

"I graduated from Maher studios course in ventriloquism (both the Basic and Advanced) in 2008 and achieved honors in both Courses. Evan and I have done much more than one hundred performances since then. You are a very real blessing to a guy like me, as equipment, publications, etc. for ventriloquists are virtually non-existent here in Canada. May God bless and prosper you." Wilson Kindred

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"This is an excellent Course. It was recommended to me by Ken Groves. I would like to thank you for continuing the program after your retirement. Otherwise it would not have been possible for my study." Patricia Van Scyoc
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"I have enjoyed the Course. It has been encouraging and inspiring. I consider both my time and money well invested. Now I am able to give out help to others. My goals are to teach 'good character', 'anti-bullying', and so forth to kids. Our 14 year old son is special ed needs. I would like to help out in his school and others to promote good interpersonal relationships. Wish me luck!" Janice Watson
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"Taking the Maher Ventriloquism Course in 2005 was one of the best educational ventures I've ever been a part of. What joys and blessings I experience every time I put a puppet on my hand. I make sure to read your blog regularly. I receive so much help from it. Thank you for your encouragement and support." Barb Gregersen


  1. Congratulations to all graduates and those who participated in great old Maher course.

  2. Anonymous11/04/2009

    I graduated from it in the 1980's, when it was supplemented with CASSETTE TAPES! Remember THOSE??. I LOVED the tapes Clinton made,ESPECIALLY where you hit the glass with the spoon to separate the lessons Clinton! HIGH TECH! HA! & feel sorry for the ones who miss out on them now. I still have them & the other materials. GREAT COURSE!!!! CONGRATS, GRADS!!!! W.S.