Happy Thanksgiving from the Detweilers!

"Dinner With Friends"
I wish it were possible for Adelia and I to post a picture of all the friends we have made as a result of our involvement with ventriloquism. Obviously, that's impossible as that would take thousands of images - most of which we have never seen. But we count YOU as one of our friends. So today, as we reflect in special Thanksgiving for multiple blessings in our lives, you - where ever you live in the world, are on our list of blessings!

("Dinner With Friends" illustration by Dave Miller, copyright 1977)


  1. Rathbun11/26/2009

    God Bless you are the best.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Adelia and your family, I count you on my list of friends too.

  3. Winkle & Wags11/26/2009

    Thanks ... and a safe and happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, as well as to anyone reading this.

  4. Anonymous11/26/2009

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to two of the nicest folks I've met!! {& yours} W.S.