Two happy scarecrows

From Barb Gregerson:

My "Cal the Cool Kid" puppet has many personalities. Here he is "Scrugs" the scarecrow, when we passed out treats to the children from the childcare center at Hawkeye Community College where I am a Professor in early childhood education. My students enjoyed having him visit my classes later in the day as much as the preschoolers enjoyed chatting with him in the morning. On other ocassions he is "Cal the Cool Kid", "Jingle" the Christmas elf, "Rocco" the clown, and "Francis" the Pilgrim boy - who was the son of my ancestor Elinor Billington. Each has a different costume and personality. We've had a wonderful time interacting with people of all ages during the 5 years we've been together.

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  1. Very good work you are doing, Barb Gregerson, with "Cal" and the many personalities and costumes.