Original (50's?) 32" Jerry Mahoney Items For Sale

I'm selling an original 4 pc. Jerry Mahoney (Juro) suit, pair of shoes, body, and carrying case box on eBay.

Everything but the head - it had been damaged so I'll have to do a major repair conversion of the head itself. But if you have an incomplete Jerry that needs one or more of the above items, this could be just the opportunity you've been waiting for. You will find all my current eBay listings Here

Novelty Puppets now on sale

I just listed a "Talking Ball Bat" and "Talking Watering Can" on eBay.

I'm doing some Spring cleaning and these are puppets appropriate of Spring! You'll find these two big colorful puppets listed with my other auctions currently on eBay. You can see them all Here

Stiff Neck

Comments: About 8 or 9 years or so ago I had purchased a professional figure from Maher Studios. It sold under the name, "Pleasant Dale". I have not really used it much since then, as I use other figures a lot more. But I got it out this week to try to develop a character with it and was reminded of a problem I had with it at the beginning. The problem is this: the neck hole of the body has a red plastic ring around the inside of the hole through which the head stick goes. The neck, when turned, rubs against this red ring which is cutting into the neck. There is some friction as the neck turns because of this ring. I can lift the head a little to relieve the stress against the red ring, but it gets a bit heavy. It is somewhat minor at this point, but will, I fear, continue to get worse with use. We have put clear packing tape around the base of the neck where it joins the head stick thinking this would protect it from being rubbed worse. I can't help but think, however, that the neck should be able to turn more easily and not have the rubbing against the ring.
* * * * *
Simple solution: I have been lining all the torso neck openings with chamois leather (purchased in the automotive department at Target). I glue the leather in place with hot glue (see photo) and then wax the leather by rubbing it with paraffin wax (purchased in the canning department at the supermarket). This makes the turning of the head smoother and cuts down on both noise and friction. As a side note: I prefer to unhook the loop on the end of the head post when actually using the figure. This relieves some of the stress against the neck socket and allows more freedom of manipulation.


Reviving Jerry

From Bob Walsh:
"I am now sixty years old, but when I was eight, I had a Jerry Mahoney doll just like this one I've sent you (green suit and shoes). A friend of mine found this one in a thrift shop in California and sent it to me as a gift for my ministry. It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I hope to add it to my four Lovik figures for the Lord's work. By the way, I have a free resourse of Ventriloquist Videos on http://www.deputybob.com/ (click on 'Gospel Videos' icon at top of home page) for ventriloquists and fans of ventriloquism."
* * * * *
From Mr. D: Replacing the rubber band on these great Jerry dolls is always an exercise in patience. I replaced your Jerry's rubber band with a spring for more permanent service. And a lever replacement for the pull ring (not shown) will make things easier, too.


Thank you

As you will see on the winner's list below, Pearce Columb was the winner of the special drawing for the framed Smithsonian cover. Congratulations to Pearce, and thank you to all 99(!) of you who entered your name for the drawing. I wish I could have somehow made all of you a winner!

Today's Winners, Mon. 3/29/2001

Framed 11/93 Smithsonian Cover: Pearce Columb

Smithsonian Magazine (11/93): Duke Koegel

Jim Barber framed Collector Card (signed): Steve Brogan

Judy Buch framed Collector Card:
Neon Lim

Hamner Barber Brochure (Autographed by Jim Barber): Shawn Kramer

Framed Bergen and McCarthy picture:
Dan Peters

NAAV Collectibe Spoon: Bob Walsh

8x10 Liz VonSeggen photo: Franna Barger

Framed photo "The signing"; signed by C. Detweiler: John Lutton

Dialogue Magazine , Winter 1989 issue:
Tim Adams

Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.
Question: I need some books for my act. It is more for walk round situations and a bit of fun so I just require gags and and comedy routines and lines, I have seen some books that look good on your website. http://maherbookstore.blogspot.com
* * * * * *
Suggestion: I believe any of the books authored by Col. Bill Boley would serve you well. Here's just a partial list:
Fractured Nursery Rhymes
Speaking of Girls (or boys)
One For the Road
Comedy Dialogues Vols. 1, 2, and 3
Letters to Freddy
Christmas Gag File
Talk to the Animals
Animal Doubletalk
$5.00 each postpaid


Africa bound

From Major Wes Green ...
(...who ordered 100 pocket puppets to be taken on a mission trip to Kenya.)

"The postman was extremely curious about the noisy package he delivered to my doorstep. When I opened the box, I thought of the tower of Babel and the languages being confused. Then I realized they were all speaking English, at the same time. It seems that these 100 little mouths were chattering away during the whole trip to Illinois. Apparently someone tipped them off that they were only stopping over here and would be boarding a plane for Kenya in a few weeks. They were all concerned because they didn't know the language and wondered how they would be received. Some were apprehensive about the plane ride as they heard they were riding in the cargo area. I quickly assured them that they would know what to say when the time came, that's what God specializes in best. I also told them "love in any language, straight from the heart, binds us all together, never apart, and once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear, love in any language fluently spoken here" (and there too). That seemed to help them. The cargo issue was a challenge until I realized that they would have some puppet friends that have been in our ministry for some time that also felt called to Kenya. They are now busy planning an in flight party and will likely be heard having a good time by even the Captain in the cockpit. What an imagination it takes to secure the courage to try something like this for an old man like me. Thanks for joining me in this venture and sending friends along."

And to think, we had to drive 750 miles out into the middle of a desert, to take our first (and likely last) Venetian gondola boat ride! The best part was drifting over the sparkling waters listening to our gondolier sing Italian songs of romance - she had a beautiful voice! (The worst part was getting in and out of the boat - somewhat less romantic), but all in all, a very nice Vegas memory.


Crazy Bird

Endangered species rescue! Most of the Crazy Birds from the '70s and '80s were solid bright colors, but a few, like this one, were made up as Penguins.

This guy belongs to Bonita Yoder and she brought it to me for restringing and rubber band replacement. I thought you might enjoy seeing the inside of the head which was made from a metal fruit can.

Since the head was made from a fruit can, I know this was an early model, because I soon tired of eating so much canned fruit to get empty cans, so I located a Denver container wholesale supplier from which we purchased new empty quart paint cans by the hundred. Much better!

Win this!

What a beauty! A 10" x 12" framed Bergen and McCarthy picture any fan of ventriloquism or Hollywood Memorabilia would be proud to add to their collection. This piece will be awarded in my next drawing. Good luck!


Thank you!

I asked for your help with distributing my order of Pocket Puppets and you came to my rescue. Of the shipment of 1,000, less than half remain. Thank you. I will cut sales off when I get down to 200 or so, but for now I'm still taking orders. 75 cents each for an order of 10 or more. mahertalk@aol.com


Okay, now it's your turn!

This framed 1993 Smithsonian cover has been awarded by drawing twice and has gone unclaimed both times. Those two winner's loss could possibly be your gain. It's beautiful; an original (not a copy). I have now collected your one-time entires for this piece. A special drawing will be held over the weekend with winner to be anounced Monday. My thanks all of you who entered this special drawing - I'm only sorry I don't have more of these!
Thanks to Bob Abdou I have a mint condition copy of this same magazine, still in its original wrapper. It will be given away Monday as well, with the winning name being drawn from from the full general pool of registrants.

Of this cover, Smithsonian's editor wrote, on page 2:
"Just 36 inches tall, sassy Charlie McCarthy was a giant of an entertainer. Edgar Bergen, his creator and voice, drew up Charlie's features in 1922, took the sketch to woodcarvers - and the rest is showbiz history. Today Bergen's daughter, Candice, star of TV's 'Murphy Brown', says, 'A lot of the spirit of Murphy is similar to Charlie's - irreverence, fearlessness. I sometime do a chuckle that reminds me of his.' Her childhood feelings toward Charlie? 'The image of a buzz saw must have crossed my mind on occasion.' Visitors can see Charlie, splinters and all, at the National Museum of American History. Photo by Theo Westenberger."


#39 Ventrilo-Card

Jim Barber
Set #4; Card #3

Jim Barber received a Danny O'Day for Christmas when he was ten, and proceeded to teach himself ventriloquism. During college he hosted two U.S.O. tours, as well as co-hosted and produced a TV show. He was the first vent to perform aboard Opryland's "General Jackson Showboat" in Nashville, Tenn.

Famous for his unique approach to the art as well as his trademark characters "Barber and Seville," Jim has become a popular corporate, club and college artist. He has appeared on numerous national TV shows and toured over 1,200 colleges across the U.S. He created a sensation as the featured comedian at the Glen Campbell Goodtime Theater in Branson, MO.

In 1989, Jim was honored with the National Association of Campus Activities' "Comedy Entertainer of the Year" and was Ventriloquist of the Year in 1990. Copyright 1995 OO-LA-LA, INK.
* * * * * *
The framed and AUTOGRAPHED Jim Barber Ventrilo-card pictured above will be awarded in our next drawing.

Autographed Brochure!

The short Jim Barber biography in the above post definitely needs an update. Jim is currently performing with his puppet pals as well as his real life partners, The Hamners, in the Hamner Barber Theater, Branson, Missouri. Jim was kind enough to send me a package of items to be awarded on this blog, including a signed copy of their 2010 brochure (shown here), to be awarded in our next drawing.
The Hamner Barber show is a true delight with non-stop magic, dance, music and, comedy. A "must see" if you're anywhere near Branson. http://www.hamnerbarber.com/


Always a challenge

Replacing the rubber band on the mouth of a Jerry Mahoney is a challenge each and every time. Even though I've made a couple tools to assist, it still takes two hands and a chin! It's a wonder we both don't end up standing on our heads!


Spencer figure repair

It would be nice if all figuremakers left some identification on their work. Both halves of this handcarved head were signed by its maker, Ken Spencer. (Note how the eyes move with a very simple balance method.)

Having pointed out the advantage of a signed figure, I hang my head because until recent years, I seldom signed my work.

Photo Caption Winner(s)

Winner (tie):
"Beauty and the Beasts" Curtis Jones
"Will the real dummy please step forward!" Karen Hostetler
* * * * * *
Second Place: (submitted by 4 people):
"Three heads are better than one!"
Dave Ferdinand, Dan Leighty, Kirk Rabe, Donald Woodford
* * * * * * *
Honorable mention:
"Carving the trail for those who follow behind me." Dr. Jeff Scott

"Which one pulls the string?" Frank Beasley

"Detweiler and Maher Studios ...Heads and shoulders above the rest!" Howie Myers

"They're beginning to grow on me!" Sandi Stricker

"No, I don't have a chip on my shoulder!" Walter ven der Hoeven

"Nope, no dummy here!" Lila Shaw

Story behind the photo

Nicole calls this figure "Clark", and it's her favorite of all I build. So whenever I build one, she uses the figure to try to talk me out of packing and shipping it. Rather, she believes I should send it home with her. Not! On this day when I was preparing a box for shipping this figure, Nicole was having Clark peek over my shoulder to tell me how much he wanted to go with Nicole, rather than be packed and shipped. I had my camera at hand, so quickly held it up in front of us and snapped the photo you see.
When Nicole saw this photo on my post requesting caption ideas, I received the following text on my phone with her caption suggestion:
"A heartbroken granddaughter, a wise grandparent, and the dummy they all adored. In the end it was two against one; the dummy wasn't the loner either!"

(Don't feel too sorry for Nicole, she and her sister are on Spring break so Adelia and I are taking them out for breakfast this morning. The thought of Clark won't enter Nicole's mind - I hope :-)


Finding the perfect voice

By Rose Baggerly

Let me introduce to you my first puppet. It will explain some of what you read below as to how I came up with his name, his voice and his personality.

His name is Herman. He is a hot pink furry monster similar to the construction of Cookie Monster. He is a three handed puppet - his mouth and both of his hands can be worked by the puppeteer. If only one person is operating the puppet (which is most of the time), then only his mouth and his right hand are used. The right hand is used so that the puppet can shake hands. If two people are working the puppet then one person works the mouth and the other person works the hands (that makes clapping easier). Herman is now 33 years old and he still can't count past three (he only has three fingers on each hand).

I had never made a puppet or worked with a puppet before, so I had no idea where to begin to determine his voice. I tried several voice types such as a high pitched female voice, a medium voice, a fast talking voice, a soft / shy voice and I finally settled on a male voice. The main reason I selected the male voice is because I wanted a voice that was not at all like my voice. I decided that no one would be able to tell it was me doing the puppet since I would be behind a curtain and it would be a deep male voice totally unlike my own voice. Also, I would feel less nervous when performing if no one could figure out that it was me.

I continued to work on Herman's voice until it became more natural to do a male voice. Sometimes I would even practice doing his voice without him on my hands (mostly when I was alone or with other pupeteers). That helped me to make his voice more natural to me and less like a stranger. How long that process takes depends entirely on how much time you have available and how quickly you determine what voice works best for you. It can vary significantly for each individual. I do not remember how long it took for me to get comfortable with Herman's voice. It just seemed that one day I realized that his voice was as comfortable as my own.

Since I was still a little nervous performing with a puppet I decided to add another feature to his voice. Herman now had a voice of a distinctively less intelligent type. When he introduced himself to others, he usually couldn't even remember his own name without some help. He also said "duh" a lot and had a totally ridiculous laugh. That helped my nerves a lot and made him very popular with kids. I also changed Herman's introduction of himself so that he added that he could count to three. He was so proud that he could count so high. He always laughed after he had introduced himself and after he had counted to three. The kids really liked it because they could usually count higher, so they began to teach him the next few numbers. When that started, my nerves melted away. I knew then that Herman had become real to the kids. And that is the goal of finding the perfect voice.

Since then I have added 14 more voices and personalities. I have a grandma, a little girl, a fast talking male puppet who looks somewhat like a human, but he is blue with long gloves for his hands (his name is Big Blue), a squeaky mouse, an intelligent worm named BW (book worm) and many more. Sometimes I can pull a personality out that I never knew I had and do a show that is a hit with kids and adults.

To me, puppeteering is a gift from God that has helped me and helped many kids get thru some tough times. My puppets have gone to the MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston, and brought joy to many kids who were stuggling with some of life's most difficult diseases. The show I did there was a total flop. The reason: most of the kids were from other countries so they didn't speak English, and I didn't speak their language either. But when I let them work the puppets and do their own shows, their faces lit up like Christmas trees. My most popular puppet there was my unfinished (or so I thought he was unfinished) bald human puppet. He was so popular because most of the kids there were bald. That puppet made them feel welcomed and without embarrassement. There were so many kids that wanted to use that puppet that we had to set up a line and limit how much time each kid could use the puppet. That puppet show had nothing to do with my performance, and everything to do with entertainment. And, for a short time those kids were able to forget where they were and why they were there, and just enjoy being a kid.

Nothing is more motivating than that.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share. As you can tell I love talking about puppets.



Grin and "Bear" it!

This NEW ventriloquist "Bear" creation is just now waking up from a long winter's nap. He is hungry for a new home and lots of honey! This is another one by Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated puppets.
A true ventriloquist action figure, with a hollow body, turning head full circle, tilt, nod etc. Trigger control moving mouth. Blinking eyes, yes that's right he can close his eyes or blink them fast, which adds SO much character to him! He also has a movable right "ear" - what great FUN! Use his ear to wave hello or goodby, chasing away the bees, or how about his own comical way to flirt?
All movements are SO smooth, quite fun and easy to operate. This sweet guy needed a name and a home, but no longer - he's now sold, and he's "beary" happy!

"Take a deep breath..."

The photo on the upper left shows a body as it came to me (made by Andersen?). Inner space to operate the controls was limited, so I cut and expanded the paper mache chest area for more natural appearance, and at the same time gained inner space for manipulating the headpost and controls. The hands were replaced as well (lower right.) Then the entire body (inside and out) was covered with fleece material. When finished, we all took a deep breath!


You write the caption!

" ? ? ? ? "
Okay - I now have received more than 50 entries!
As a result, I'm calling this contest closed.
Thanks to all of you creative people
who brought smiles to our faces!
My crack staff of judges (family :-) will pick a winner to be announced within the next day or two. The winner will be awarded a framed copy of the Edgar Bergen picture shown on the right:

Today's Winners; Fri. 3/19

Jay Johnson's "Sound Bites" (Set of 3): Dean Guymon

Official Terry Fator Show Program:
Rex Duff

Framed Bob Isaacson Collector Card (with duplicate card): Kenneth Fulk

Peanut Talking Back Pack Clip: David Nickell

Bob Isaacson 8x10 photo (autographed!): Tom Crowl

Pocket Puppet: Richard Glantz, Frank Wescott, Jerry Bell, Joyce Carroll, Tom Farrell.

ReGift: Framed Maher "Ventrilo-Buck", Duo-signed: Barb Gregerson

Winners: Contact Mr. D to confirm your address and claim your prize.


Pocket Puppet Comment & Question

From Ryan Bomgardner: Okay, so I was performing at a church for about 1,200 people in Bowling Green on Tuesday night. I took my 2 pocket puppets along (probably one was from the Maher course 13 years ago) to see if they’d sell (I thought, if they don’t sell here, they wont ever sell!). LOL. They were gone within literally 2 minutes after the show ….. and for the rest of the night every kid in the audience came up to me and wanted to buy one.

One mom said “My son is so disappointed that you don’t have any more”. I’m thinking, “I’m just as sad I don’t have any more to sell”!

So…We’re going to need a lot more than 10. Do you have quantity discount for 50, 100? Let me know and I’ll get the check out to you ASAP.
* * * * * *
From Mr. D: Here's the deal. I pay 85 cents (plus shipping) for the Pocket puppets when purchased 1,000 quantity. (Otherwise, they're over $1 each).

So, when I sell for 75 cents each (quantities of ten or more) with free shipping, I'm actually losing money. But, my blog ad imprint is on the back ao I figure I'll share a bit of the cost - a policy few (if any) entertainers use. Most performers sell products with their image or ad imprint for a profit, (as would I, if I wasn't retired.)

I should receive my shipment any day now. The manufacturer has it ready but I asked them to hold shipping it because we were out of town, (we are now home). I'll be happy to sell you 100 for $75. In fact, I have two other orders for that quantity (at that price) already in hand. You can send a check or pay with Paypal.

Back to the future?

From Ryan Bomgardner:

"I was in Ohio last week and met your former pastor. He was telling me that he had written to you about me and it made me smile thinking of meeting you many years ago. You probably wouldn’t remember me. I went to the vent conventions as a teenager (I’m thinking you may even have been one of judges on open mic) and was ‘in awe’ to meet the guy from Maher Studios.

"We’ve been blessed to stay very busy with ventriloquism as my career and it all started when I was about 12 with the Maher Course. (I’m now 26) I thought I’d drop you a line to say 'hi' and see how you’re doing. I’ve been traveling quite extensively and my wife will be quitting her job to become my full time agent (and road manager) which will be great."

* * * * * *
From Clinton:

"Of course, I remember you. How cool that you met Leo Miller, our former pastor. He may have told you that I started doing ventriloquism while going to the church he pastored there in Wichita (1950s and '60s). What he probably did not tell you was the fact, that had he not been such a huge encouragement to me in those early days, I doubt I would have even tried ventriloquism, much less stuck with it. Those were the days when some pastors did not want a ventriloquist darkening the doors of the church. But Leo suggested I try it, made places and times I could perform, even going so far as to write a script for me on one occasion when I said I didn't have time to do so. Although not a ventriloquist himself Leo is very much responsible for the fact that ventriloquism became my career."

* * * * *
Check out Ryan's site: http://www.ryanandfriends.com/

#40 Ventrilo-Card

Bob Isaacson
Set #4, Card #4

Bob Isaacson taught himself Ventriloquism from library books at the age of fourteen, after he saw Paul Winchell and other ventriloquists on television, and met Chicago vent Paul Stadelman in person. Bob's first dummy was a Turner figure from Abbott's Magic Co., and later he bought a Marshall figure from Frank Marshall.
In the early '60s, Bob appeared at corporate functions, banquets and shows using the name Robert Royal. He also made some educational films, using his figure as a student. In the '70s, Bob toured with a large magical illusion show "International Startime."
In recent years, Bob has been performing in old-time radio show recreations playing Bergen and McCarthy. He keeps a busy schedule performing and lecturing on ventriloquism. In 1994, Bob was voted Ventriloquist of the Year.
Copyright 1995 OO-LA-LA, INK.
* * * * *
The signed and framed Bob Isaacson Great Ventriloquist card shown here will be awarded tomorrow.
I don't know if J. D. Haile purposely planned this display pose in his mini-vent-museum, but I had to smile when I saw little Lamb Chop next to the needlework pillow and this photo is the result.


Eli's debut

Here's a photo of Eli and me during the performance. It went over very well and I have received very good feedback.
There were about 250 people in the audience for a cancer fundraiser.
Believe it or not, I didn't forget any lines! It was great fun and the audience was very receptive.
People have been calling the house asking to speak to Eli.
Thanks for all your help."

Newell R. Falkinburg M.D.

St. Pat's Show

From Joe Radle:

Dear Clinton, I thought I'd pass this picture along to you of a show I gave on March 15th, 2010 to our Bedford, Virginia YMCA Arthritis Class [ in the water ] group luncheon. We met at the Railroad Station Restaurant in Bedford and had a grand time of it, begorra!

I sang a few Irish songs, which I accompanied myself with a guitar, including, "The Irish Rover" about the most famous ship that ever sailed the seven seas, "Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder," and of course, "Danny Boy". I ended the singing with, "Phil the Fluther's Ball" Then came my little puppet friend, "Shamus O'Toole" who told everyone about the fact that he was his Own Grandpa.


This Elfin character was "cute as a bug." Created by Craig Lovik in 1973/74, he even came dressed in his own hand sewn green outfit. Featuring the "living" (no-slot) mouth, and dainty "pointy" ears, nose, and chin, I still like the mischievous look on his face. I'd forgotten about this character until I came across this photo in an out-of-print Maher Studios Dialogue Book.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Win this!

This 20 page official program from the Terry Fator show is filled with pictures and stories from Terry's career, beginning age 6 to present. Fascinating.

I'll give this Official Program away later this week. I need to first return home where the container awaits holding the numbered ping pong balls from which we hold our drawings. One numbered ball has been assigned to each of you who have asked to be included in my gift give-away drawings. Winners are eligible for multiple wins. If you haven't asked to be signed up, (and that is all you need to do), what are you waiting for?

Landmark Day

Jeff will be in Vegas this weekend for two shows (Friday and Saturday) in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Both Terry and Jeff are cover features this week. Jeff on the cover of the daily Review Journal Visitor's Guide, and Terry on the cover of the Las Vegas Showbiz Weekly Magazine. When we purchased Maher Studios years ago I never imagined I'd live to see the day when ventriloquists I knew personally would be the hottest acts in the Country (and not limited to these two)!
"I crashed Terry Fator's show in Vegas"

Terry's new "Wrex" T-shirt.

I purchased this one on it's debut day.



We were promised a special "unveiling" Saturday night. It turned out Terry was introducing from stage the newest character to his show - "Wrex", a crash test dummy. Held together with duct tape, Wrex has obviously seen far too many accidents in his time! In addition to his hilarious spoken lines, Wrex sang several renditions of car songs to the delight and enthusiastic approval of the audience. Creative and unique. I doubt Wrex will ever become the show's lead dummy, but with a theme as universal and timely as cars and driving, he'll definitely be a keeper! (With many media in the audience, Terry invited photos to be taken during the show. Unfortunately, my pocket camera did not do justice to the occasion.)

Sound Bites

When I received a set of these clever Jay Johnson "Sound Bites" to be given away to one of you blog visitors, I contact Jay for more information. Here's what he wrote:

"Clinton, Yes, I created the Sound Bites. It is my original design. It was my own cottage industry for a season. I sold them during the 1992 election when Clinton, Bush and Perot were slugging it out for election. It really had nothing to do with my act although I did give some away after a performance or two. In 1992 a friend had a novelty store in San Francisco, and was associated with a network of similar stores around the country. We had enough left over to use in the 1996 election when Perot again toyed with the idea of running. Later they were sold as Presidential memorabilia." Jay

So now, here's a set that definitely qualifies as Ventriloquist memorabilia. Hold the piece in one hand and press down on the top edge to open and close the mouth. Very clever! To be awarded later this week.


What's wrong with this picture?

I could not believe my eyes when Terry pulled out the Ventriloquism In A Nutshell book which he purchased and studied from some 35 years ago!! (above). Obviously well worn, but still intact. And an even bigger surprise came when he asked me to autograph it! That was weird...I felt like I was in flip-flop dream of some sort! I came to the event fully intended to ask for his autograph at some point; not vice versa. I did sign the book, and I'm now hoping I didn't write anything too dorkey, as I was in a daze!

So now there he stands with his book signed (below) , but I'll have to wait for our next meeting, since I totally forgot to ask for his. :-)

From Terry Fator:

I must say that meeting Clinton and Adelia was truly one of the highlights of my life. I have been heavily involved with the NAAV (as it was in the days of old) since I was ten. I spent countless hours waiting by the mailbox for my latest edition of Newsy Vents, which I read cover to cover many times before spending more time aching for the next edition.

Clinton has always helped me out of a pinch in the days I couldn't afford to have spare puppets around when one broke. I would overnight a broken puppet to Clinton and he would fix it immediately and overnight it back, saving my act many times. He had no idea who I was or that I would one day be a headliner in Vegas, but he treated me with the same amount of respect he would treat any star that contacted him.

Clinton, you are a wonderful man! And kudos to your sweet wife Adelia as well. I think we all know that behind any great man...Anyway, Clinton, Adelia, thanks so much for making this one year anniversary show one that will remain in my top days of all time! Much love and appreciation! Terry Fator

Before the show ...

(L-R): (Your truly), Jay Johnson, Terry, Jimmy Nelson (with Farfel, and Dan Horn. Thanks to our gracious host, we actually had a good amount of time to spend together throughout the evening and night.
With one of our favorite ventriloquists and our favorite dog!