Pneumatic bulb controls

Mr. D. Please tell, if you know, whether pneumatic bulb controls are still available or how to make one.

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I have this small "Pocket figure" made by Insull in in the process of refurbishing. The mouth is operated by pneumatic bulb (such as an ear syringe). The tube from the hand operated bulb ran into the head and was connected to a flat rubber "bladder" (think of a miniature hot water bottle) that was inserted between the two oval shaped tin plates, one of which moved forward when the mouth opens. Squeeze the outer bulb to inflate the inner bladder and the mouth opens; release the outer bulb and the airflow is reversed so bladder flattens and mouth closes. Ingenious (as long as there are no leaks).
Side note: This small head also had side to side moving eyes that moved automatically with weighted pendulum balance.


  1. Thank you, Mr. D. I suppose a small balloon stem sealed off on one end could act as a bladder and other end attached to the old squirt flower magic trick might work.

  2. Anonymous11/17/2009

    Thank you SO much for sharing this!! I have ALSO wanted to know this information! I had asked others including vent haven & gotten no reply. I REALLY appreciate this! Thanks again! W.S.