Little Jet-Setter

From Billy James

I completed the Maher Course many years ago and got some great products from you back then. All those years ago I had an old Maher catalog and I REALLY loved Comical Clyde. However, when I went to the Maher website he didn't look the same. After I emailed you about it, you explained about the change in the mold over the years. In the end I had Mike Brose make me up one of his 'cheeky boy' figures (which was fantastic!) but I did really love the look of the old Comical Clyde.

Anyway, just recently I came across one of the 'older' style Comical Clydes for sale in Germany! So, I pounced! He arrived here in Australia yesterday and I have to say that he is absolutely BRILLIANT! The face has SO much character. I am just so thrilled and I guess all good things come to those who wait! So there it is, he started in your workshop, flew to Germany and now resides in Australia. The little jet-setter is shown with me in this picture. I'm looking forward to putting him to work in my Christmas shows this year. All the best, Billy.


  1. I too love the old style comical clydes figure. Somehow it just looks cuter! It is quite hard to see it in the markerplace for sale.

  2. This one now has a new home, so he no longer has to be concerned about being sold in the marketplace. Rather, he's now in the marketplace as a happy wage earner!

  3. Anonymous11/29/2009

    Great Figure, but the VEST is what really caught MY eye!! My mom made one just like it when I did clown shows. Still have it! Little misty eyed looking at that photo. Thanks & good luck in vent, & congrats on finding your dream partner!!