Granny to Gramps?

When one of our local ventriloquists, Hillary Saffrin, contacted me to tell me she plans to offer her never-used "Granny" figure (by Tim Cowles) for sale, I suggested she consider first letting me convert it to a "Gramps" character. What do you think? Does the unique face offer that possibility? With it's raising eyebrows and winker/blinkers, I think this character could make a strong addition to some vent's act, Granny ("bag lady"??) or Gramps. Maybe a wig or costume change? Eyeglasses? If you have comments or are interested in pricing, etc. , send me an email note and I will forward it to Hillary. mahertalk@aol.com


  1. Good Gramps. I know man like him, old long sleeve white shirt, tan pants, cloth gloves, work shoes.

  2. This from Phil Nichols:
    I think it would be better as a male character. maybe add an Albert Einstein type of Finishing job with wild wig and bushy moustache and eyebrows. and a more florid paint job would make it a whole new deal.

  3. Anonymous11/09/2009

    Any man who can turn a baseball bat into a vent figure would certainly do a wonderful job turning this interesting face into an old man!

    Glen Rappold

  4. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I think the "granny" as it is now could frighten children. I vote old man!!

  5. Hillary Saffran11/15/2009

    I agree with you all! Therefore, please spread the word that shim would make a perfect comical gramps! I'm better at prettier gramma voices!
    Also, Clinton is a miracle worker...hey, I need a tummy tuck... :o)

    Thanks everyone, especially Clinton!