We have a winner!

It was 1995 when I got the crazy idea to create the official "Ventrilo-Buck" from the "United Studios of Maher". One dollar legal tender ("For all debts payable to Maher Studios") was sent with each order for a couple months. Now they're collector's items. This one is autographed by myself and Adelia.

The 10th (tenth) person who responded after reading this post and the winner of the "Ventrilo-Buck" is FRANK WARD (WA).
* * * * *
Note from Ron Scherer: "Hi Clinton. I remember those dollars well. It was about that time I got serious about collecting vent items. I believe those and the NAAV spoons were among my favorites."
From Clinton: Thanks for the suggestion. I do have one of those NAAV spoons in my prize stash. I'll schedule it soon.

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