"Slim Chance"

Okay - maybe we're on to something here (see post below). Jeff Scott (left) just sent in these two pictures with the accompanying note:

"Hi, Clinton. I have this figure from Tim Cowles as a man... he is 'Slim Chance' the cowboy. The face is loaded with character and gets a great response. (the picture does not do either one of us justice!)
This figure is bald on the top of his head and hair on the sides... dressed in a suit he makes a great looking butler. Dressed in an apron, he looks like a grocery store clerk. Honestly, the lines on the face set this character apart... good luck to Hillary.... Blessings, Jeff Scott "
Creativity and imagination make a wonderful combination with priceless results! Thanks, Jeff!


  1. Tim Cowles is an excellent figure maker, and like Chuck Jackson and the Loviks shows the Maher influence.

  2. Hillary Saffran11/16/2009

    Hi Jeff,

    I truly appreciate the pictures of your Gramps! This really helps the cause of wanting to sell Granny-you are my new best friend!

    Thank you thank you thank you! I'm praying your pictures will inspire many folks to purchase her.
    Another thank you to Clinton for his kindess in posting these pictures.