Three R's

The Give-aways I hold on this blog nowadays are quite conservative when compared to the NAAV giveaway we held in 1973. I just came across this old Newsy Vents ad page (below) introducing that bonanza event. Top prizes included two vent figures, five Crazy Birds, five beginner dolls and nearly 700 additional prizes! I've always enjoyed holding prize give-aways, although today I need to remember the basic "Three R's" - "Retirement Requires Restraint"!

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  1. Anonymous5/18/2010

    I enjoy the gifting you share and celebrate with each winner. It seems that as others join you in sharing their wealth of memorabilia, we may be pasing around the treasures of the Kingdom as instructed by the Creator King. So don't be concerned about the storehouse. However, you could let us help with postage.