Been misbehavin'?

Look who was spotted sitting in the corner.

While travelling through SE Colorado, John H. spotted this figure in the front window of a closed antique shop, and long story short, ended up buying it via a phone call after he got home.
This figure was likely build as a display piece rather than a working ventriloquist figure. The "half head" is some sort of molded plaster or mache over a wooden base. Hands the same. It might have possibilities as a "talking" picture.

It's all very interesting. Too bad we don't have the full story, but isn't that they way it usually is with a politician?

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  1. Tom Brubaker5/14/2010

    I remember going to a comedy club back in 2001 (pre-9/11) and seeing a comedian with a George W. Bush vent figure (who kept repeating his catch phrase, "I won!"). I imagine that there must be a number of nightclub vents who perform political satire. Yet I seem to have trouble finding a Barack Obama vent figure for sale... ;-)