99 cent book auctions

Just a reminder, as I continue to clear out my inventory: Each week I select a number of Maher Studios published books to be offered on eBay auctions starting at just 99 cents with free shipping.
You'll find all current listings Here.
(All 99 cent book auctions begin on Wednesday and end Monday AM.)

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  1. Cute little kid on the cover, saying A-V. You know, the hardest of the labials to sound is not the plosive or stop sounds as they are now called, the voiceless P and as voiced for the B sound, or the nasal N using lips for M sound, but the fricative voiceless F and as voiced for the V sound is the hardest one in my opinion. This is so because in ordinary speech the lower lip and upper teeth come together to make the sound whereas using Lester vent method one uses the tongue curled to back of the upper teeth and lip, yet problem is in not using the lower lip you get more of a TH than a true F/V sound fricative sound whereas come real close to soft plosive stop with the P/B and M sound. But of course there's more than one way to skin a cat and the vent can use whatever way he or she likes best.