FCM 2010

From Dr. Jeff Scott:

The vent section is alive and well at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians. The annual convention is in Marion, Indiana, about an hour north of Indianapolis on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University, July 12-16th. One of the great advantages to this week of workshops is that you can pick and choose between vent workshops, magic, clowning, storytelling, juggling, face painting, and a host of other disciplines to sharpen your skills and pick up new ones. The
evening programs are exceptional and loaded with fun.

Here are some of the lectures scheduled for the vent during the week:
Steve Parker
on Introduction to Ventriloquism, and a second lecture on
Presenting Safety Messages with vent and illusion
Bob Shimer on Vent Techniques & Figure Selection and a second lecture on Walk Around Vent
Chuck Townsend will lecture on Bible Story Ventriloquism
Ricky Henson will lecture on
Using a Silent Vent Figure/Puppet
Oz & Wilde are lecturing on Humor for Comedy Teams (vent & figure, Laurel &
Joey Brummett's workshop is on
Everything a Vent Needs to Know About Sound
Bob Hill will lecture on Voice Production, Techniques and Exercises
Shari Elingson's workshop is entitled Creating a Marketable Show and a
second workshop is The Business Side of Ventriloquism
Mike Stenberg will lead a session on Novelty Vent
Robert & Alex Bremner: What Vents Need to Know About Children and Venting on TV.

July 12-16 promises to be a good week and many readers of your wonderful blog will
appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere they will find at FCM. Complete registration details and more will be found here:


  1. Anonymous5/16/2010

    Excellent program, and of particular interest, the lecture on Silent Vent. LeeDean

  2. Anonymous5/16/2010

    I joined FCM for one year moment ago, received Thank You but do not know my membership number to log in. I hope I get this by email. LeeDean

  3. Anonymous5/16/2010

    I received email and anxious to sign in members only. LeeDean