Ventriloquism Revealed

Questions: Did you author the Ventriloquism Revealed booklet? I was sure you did.
However, I had some person email me today saying a vent named Gordon Ross wrote the booklet for Maher Studios years ago. I wanted to get the story straight from you before I write this guy back explaining his mis-information.

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From Clinton Detweiler: I wrote every word of Ventriloquism Revealed, and I commissioned and paid Dave Miller for every piece of art. It was printed under the name of the North American Association of Ventriloquists, of which I was President. Books were made available to NAAV members with the member's name and photo on the cover for product sales and/or give-away items. More than a hundred members took advantage of that offer, including the ventriloquist you mention. I'm sure that's where the confusion arose. Next time I reprint any copies of Ventriloquism Revealed, I'm going to include my name as author on the cover and title page. And I have a signed copy waiting, my gift today for Steven Rauscher.
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  1. Anonymous5/26/2010

    The notoriety of someone else saying another wrote your booklet only adds to its value, and when Mr. D says he wrote every word and Dave Miller did the artwork it has to be so. LeeDean

  2. Anonymous5/26/2010

    I had one of these I got from the fellow who taught the community college 10 week class I took in the 1970's on vent, with his pic on the cover, & well remember it saying N.A.A.V, & also I believe there was at least 1 Maher ad, I THINK in the back. Plus, I remember the offer in newsy vents, &/or the catalog for these with your photo on them as Clinton said. Bill Smith