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Question: I have just found out that Michael Brose's book vent figure making can be fun is out of print. I would like to know if you know where to get one or other resources that would help me make a figure. I am fairly versed on the mechanics of the inside of the figure but not sure how to go about forming a figure and making cast and such. Since I am retired I have a lot of time so I really want to make my own figure. Thanks, Cleve
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Answer: You might find a copy of the Brose book on eBay or Amazon. It is availabe as a PDF E-book: here. I still have copies of the book MAKE YOUR OWN DUMMY. It could be helpful to you. $10.00 pp. I also have copies of Lesson 18 from the Traditional (1975) Maher Course which is a set of plans for building a simple figure. $5.00 pp.
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  1. Cleve, I purchased Brose PDF book on his web site and it is well worth the 29.00 for all the many subjects he covers especally the workings for the eyes and the mouth mechanics. Good Luck

  2. Clinton That is a great book is there also one dedicated to making soft puppets...N Jay

  3. Anonymous4/30/2012

    You can buy a copy of the book (bound, not just an ebook) from the link above, which is the same page as the link in the first answer. I hope you were able to get a copy!