Pocket Puppets! 75 cents each!

These *Smiley Face* Pocket Puppets are made up with the back side blank so you can personalize them as your own!

Write on them with a permanent "Sharpie" pen, or print your own labels and stick them on the back side. (I prefer clear labels and they're easy to print on your own printer.) Or, just leave them blank. Give them away or sell them after your shows.

*Custom design by Dave Miller.

I purchase in large quantity for lowest price and sell these high quality Smiley Face Pocket Puppets (with blank back side) at my cost as a service to blog readers: 75 cents each plus shipping. Contact Mr. D to order. No minimum.


  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    I remember these things from back in the mid-50's and remember teller at bank window giving them out to bank customers. LeeDean

  2. Anonymous5/05/2010

    But they weren't Smiley Faces that I remember from the 50's, mostly red ones, with bank ad on the back side. LeeDean