Turning back the calender

From Tom Farrell: "I thought I would share a picture with you from the distant past. It was 1953 at an IBV/SAM convention in Cincinnati. W.S. Berger has 'Skinny' (in tux), Max Terhune (to Berger's left) is with 'Elmer'. I am the little 17 year old in front with my figure 'Jerry McDuff' (now in Vent Haven Museum). I don't know the names of the other vents (all their figures were borrowed from Mr. Berger's collection). The picture was on the cover of 'The Oracle' later (I've long since lost my copy)."

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  1. Fine photo, Tom Farrell. I was about 12 then, did not meet W.S. Berger until 1954. I do not know the names of the others either, or borrowed figures or who made them except the Tommy Knotts by Marshall directly behind you.