"Alumni" reporting...

From Bastiaan Verhorst

This week I finished the Maher Ventriloquist Course. I studied it two times all over, and it won't be the last time. Yesterday I did my first presentation with my ostrich, Simone. What an experience!

I've been reading in the Course what effect a vent-caracter can have. That the public is fascinated by the figure. And that you're never working alone on stage. While reading, I thought: "it's of course primarily to recommand ventriloquism..."

But, no. It's all true. I was amazed! I'm an entertainer now for 25 years. I've done a lot, but this experience is new for me. And I look forward to the next show, 24 May.


  1. You'll never work alone for sure. The ordinary vent figure borrows voice and hand to be and appear alive, but yours has foot too. I know with all of your experience and personality that you are bound to be a hit in your shows, even though you can never ride sidesaddle.

  2. Yes Leedean, you have watched ostrich Simone complete, while I was 'sitting' on her back. It is fun, when the ostrich unespected moves, to pretend it's hard to keep in balanc on her back. And what is also fascinating, and diferent from 'normal' vent-figure's: it's not mé that moves the figure, it's the fígure who moves me!
    Thanks for your interest.

  3. I take back what said about never riding sidesaddle as you could do this simply by swinging the two leg appendages around to the side. Good show, Bastiaan.