From Animated Puppets:

Here's a Shrek Ventriloquist Figure that can be yours "Forever After" and he is truly in 3-D! (no glasses required) A beautiful crafted green body with a special designed outfit from head to toe. A true ventriloquist figure, he is 30" tall. He has a ball and socket neck joint for smooth turning mobility. A hollow body with headstick, turn head full circle, tilt, nod etc. His mouth is easily controlled by a lever on his headstick.
Another "one-of-a-kind" by Kevin Detweiler, owner of Animated Puppets. Just completed from his shop! Beautiful crafted head and hands to look just like Shrek. A 100% authentic Ogre. Don't let Shrek go back to his swamp alone. He's ready to make your house his home. Great for all ages! You'll find it on eBay auction HERE

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