Mr. D's Triplets!

Here's a set of three heads I started in 1983 or '84 but did not complete. I gave them to our son Kevin, but (like father; like son) he has never found time to complete them either. So he's put the set up for sale on eBay auction. The heads are petite - best for 35-36" figures. Made of wood dough. The character was patterned after a smaller Frank Marshall head that I had at the time.

I did complete several figures that came from that same mold (two can be seen in the photo below). Knowing what I do today about sculpting, I believe I would try some changes to the facial features to see what might result. I'm almost tempted to bid on these myself!

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  1. Anonymous5/19/2010

    Very good work, looks like the "Tuffy" Marshall figure a little except it had round eyes. LeeDean