"Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me

From Wes Green

Clinton, I was chatting yesterday with a retired Salvation Army Officer who is also a ventriloquist and mentioned your blog. Her eyes lit up as I invested about 20 minutes listening to her reminisce about her days of "ministry" using the craft of ventriloquism to proclaim the Gospel. She climbed into her attic of tales and relived the moments of performance with "Andy". While she uses the computer guardedly, she allowed me to set a "favorites bookmark" to your blog so she could check up on you. I learned that Andy was a "Knee Pal" and came from the garden of Detweiler/Maher. Major Shirley Younts smiled and forgot the physical pains of aging for a moment. I think she found that the old trunk in the attic held reflections of Joy. Who knows when Andy may return to Sunday School. Ventriloquism maketh a heart glad. Thanks for the tools you place in the hands of His servants.

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  1. Major Younts says a lot with the "Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me" song and her attic trunk should be reopened to tell the old, old story again in Sunday School.