Self-centering eyes

Question: I'm having problems getting the eyes on my figure to "self-center". Any tips?
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Answer: There are several ways to make the eyes self-center. When building a new figure, I use extension springs as the rear arm on the eyeball, with one end inserted and glued into a hole drilled into the rear of the eyeball, and the other end of the spring inserted and glued into a hole drilled into the crossbar that links the eyes. That is all that is needed to cause the eyes to self-center.

On an existing figure with all mechanics in place, an easy way to make the eyes return to the center position is to find a way to stretch an extension spring from some point on the tiebar to the rear of the head, adjusting the tension as needed. (See photo) When possible, this is a relatively simple way to add the self-centering feature to an existing figure.

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