Birthday Gift

Today is our son, Kevin's, birthday. However, it was he who sent me a gift! It is the last remaining plastic wood shell head that I made back in 1982-83, part of the series of figures with "big eyes" (see photo of completed figures below). Kevin had rescued this unfinished from my shop's reject pile (back of the head is missing) thinking he would finish it some day.

"Some day" hasn't happened for him, so he asked if I'd like to have it back to finish. Well, sure! Now that I'm retired and have plenty of time (that's a dummy joke), I am looking forward to completing this job that was started 27+ years ago - just as soon as I complete the jobs now under way in my shop. Customer jobs come first - (that's no joke)!


  1. This is a beautiful line of figures and think like best of all your work, the big and tall eyes, and that I never saw before, so original. LeeDean

  2. Anonymous5/13/2010

    Happy Birthday, Kevin. LeeDean

  3. Clinton,

    I like the shell very much. I know you do a lot with the conversion figures, but this is really nice. Hey you could introduce a whole new line.


    Larry Harris

  4. Pearse5/13/2010

    I would LOVE to have one of these. !!!

  5. Those were always my favorite figures from the old Maher Catalog. I love the cartoon quality of them, they don't look like any other vent figure I have ever seen. Very original.

  6. Anonymous5/14/2010

    Those figures were my favorite too. Always dreamed of owning one. They have a look that just captured the eyes of anyone looking at them. You had to notice. When I show the pictures of them in my scrapebook to someone there is always a comment on how wonderful they look.
    Ron Scherer