Hand Held Puppet Houses for the Ventriloquist

Years ago I presented a number of workshops demonstrating ideas for ways to use hand held "Puppet Houses" as portable stages, using simple hand puppets as ventriloquist puppets.  The simple Stage not only added to the professionalism of the presentation, but also hid the vent's arm and the fact that the puppet itself was without full body.  In the book, "Build It Yourself" I included a chapter showing 15 such ideas for "Puppet Houses".  Here are two from that book:

1.  Doghouse made from a cardboard box or thin lightweight plywood.  Your arm enters from the rear.  Use this same idea for a lion cage, etc.

2. Surprise - look what's hiding in this drawer!  Made from nesting cardboard boxes.  Cut the end from both to allow your hand to enter.

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