Florida Vent Meeting Report

By M. A. Denny Denemark

The Central Florida Vents met last Sunday at Tom and Patti Dahl's beautiful home in Celebration Florida. We got to see Donald Woodford's new Gilmer figure, Ed Thomas brought out the figure he won at the conVention, Lee Wolfson showed off a figure he painted himself and Margaret Davis dazzled us with her duck and a good mask routine using Jacki Manna for a subject. Of course Tom Dahl did a few magic tricks and I dragged out Madame Noze-it-All and Ouija. Jim Teter even made a return visit he had so much fun at the last meeting. We even had a cake with an edible vent figure on it for the occasion.
Back Row from left to right:
Lee Wolfson, Ventriloquist
Larry Larkin, Comedian
John Parisi, Ventriloquist, Figure Maker
Al Stevens, Ventriloquist, Figure Maker and Musician
Ed Thomas, Ventriloquist, Actor
Donald Woodford, Ventriloquist and Collector
Jim Teeter, Ventriloquist

Front Row from left to right:
Carol Stein, Singer, Pianist
Karen Climer, Clown, Twister, Magician, VIT (Ventriloquist in Training)
Jacki Manna, no explanation needed
Margaret Davis, Ventriloquist
Tom Dahl, Magician and VIT
M.A. Denny Denemark, ventriloquist, comedy magican

1 comment:

  1. Tom Dahl was my brother's roommate in college and taught me my first magic trick (the "Miracle Ball"). I used to watch him on Bozo when I was a kid in Chicago.

    I'm now 57 and still doing magic and I think about ol' Tom Dahl every day!

    Please give him my best!