The New Oracle Auction

I have placed a large collection of 46 different copies of The New Oracle (1976-1986) up for eBay auction along with pictures of the entire 46 issues (10 are shown above).  The cover featured vents in the above photo are: W. S. Berger, Paul Barkdoll, Dennis Alwood, Col. Bill Boley, Dick Bruno, Paul Winchell, Jay Marshall, Terri Rogers, Frank Marshall, and Jimmy Nelson.  I have listed the entire lineup of all issues included in this collection on the auction site, as well as an alphabatized listing of the names of all the professional ventriloquists featured on the covers.  The New Oracle, edited and published by Mark Wade for memebers of the SAV, was a high quality newsletter publication.  Only rarely will you find a collection of this size being offered for sale as one unit.  With no auction reserve.  Here's your chance!

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