For Sale: Capt. Dick's Logbooks

I have one copy each of Capt. Dick Wightman's Ventriloquist Logbooks for sale now on eBay auction.

Captain Dick's Logbook: ALL AT SEA OVER VENTRILOQUISM  Signed. Contents include:  All At Sea Over Ventriloquism (A crash Course on how to become a ventriloquist); What Is Ventriloquism?; What Are The Elements of Ventriloquism? (Movement, Voice, Lip Control, Dummies); Tips On Practicing;Character Development; Performing.  You'll find suggested voice exercises, tips on clothing & wigs for the figure.  There's a chapter on "How to do the Drinking Bit".  Seven dialogues.  And last but not least: Building "Henry", Capt. Dick's Wooden Dummy.  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260899770583

Captain Dick's Logbook VOL. II: Further Voyages In Ventriloquism (Richard P. Wightman). Signed.   Articles include:  Dummies In Flight; Halloween Idea; The Marshall Plan (Author's account of obtaining a Frank Marshall figure); The Sound and The Fury (sound systems); Capt. Dick's Dummies.  Interviews with: Ray Guyll; Chuck Jackson; Willie Tyler; and Capt. Dick's own story.  Dialogues: An Incident At The Airline Counter; Fast Eddie's Routine; John T. McClintock's Rourine; The Antique Car; It's A Dog's Life; Rudolph; and Christmas Routine (using two kids as dummies).  Plus several photos and cartoons.

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