"Cheap" dolls?

From Deputy Bob Walsh:   Thank you, Clinton,  for the China Tour post on your blog.  In a couple years, I am planning to return to China again.  Do you know of anyone who might be selling small vent dolls, like Mahoney, cheap, so I can buy them to give away in China at puppet workshops in the home schools and private schools in Kunming and Beijing next time?   I gave an Axtell mic-mouth away to puppeteer Tony Lee Wing Hon this last time in China.
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From Mr. D:  The days of "cheap" ventriloquist dolls are over, I'm afraid.  You're needing (or wanting) a basic starter doll with hollow body and head on headpost, I assume.  Often referred to as a "standard style".  I don't know any source for such a doll (new) under $100 these days.  I will mention your need on my blog.  Perhaps someone has a doll gathering dust in a closet they would donate for your next trip.  Even if someone has a doll in need of repairs they would donate, that would work - I'll repair it for you at no charge.  Ironically perhaps, most of the starter dolls sold in the US today, such as the popular Goldberger line of characters, were built in China and shipped to US for sale as basic models (stuffed body).  Now there's a possibility that you'll be taking a couple upgraded dolls back to their home continent...that's a long round trip just to have a headpost installed! 

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