This book (22 pages) was published by Supreme Magic Co., Bedford, Devon.  It does not contain a copyright date that I could find.  EIGHT VENT ACTS by Val Andrews contains six dialogues for vent use with "cheeky boy" character, one act for vent with girl dummy, and one novelty act with grandfather clock character (includes illustrations on how to make the clock).  This vintage collectible contains many useful gag lines for today's moden ventriloquist performer and is for sale on eBay now (with complete list of dialogue titles and descriptions): http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290639763949

Here's an excerpt from the author's introduction to Ventriloquial-Vitality:

I made my start in show business as "The Wonder-boy ventriloquist".  But those who do remember me as such can well understand why I became a magician and scriptwriter!  However, nothing we do in this life is really wasted, and my early ventriloquial experience has stood me in good stead when writing material for those who talk to themselves for a living!

Though not, as often popularly supposed, "A GIFT", ventriloquism is still not the easiest of the performing arts.  In the past one of the most difficult aspects has been the finding of good material.  There are books on the technical side of the art, but the dialogues contained therein are not intended for professional usage.  The dialogues and other items in Ventriloquial-Vitality, however, ARE!

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