Misc. shop talk

This morning James Tucker sent me a photo (left) of his latest creation.  He carved the head and hands of Yellow Pine.  Wood carved figures are rare these days - he can be proud.  And from Yellow Pine?  As I recall from my woodworking and carpentry days, Yellow Pine is not a soft wood, nor the easiest to work with.  He could use this fellow as a body guard!

 Below is an unmarked photo sent to me.  Two interesting figures on the right, but I do not know the maker.  Capt. Dick, perhaps?
From Bob Isaacson:  I'm pretty sure the 3 figures are..... left to right....the small one , most likely a Bill Anderson, the middle one is a Ken Spencer  & the girl is a Marshall  ( I've seen 3 heads, exactly like that one ).  hope this helps.     Regards,     Bob 

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  1. Anonymous1/18/2012

    I've got a Ken Spencer that say's Carved by:Ken Spencer and Modification by: Stewart Scott need advice on how much he could be worth he's in lovely shape I love the fire out of him just curious about him in case I put insurance on him.
    Ken Spencer is dead so I needed to know if he might be pretty valuable. Thanks Jeremiah Burch