Col. Bill Boley Autobiography

When we purchased Maher Studios in 1969, Bill Boley was one of the first professional ventriloquists to throw his support behind our efforts.  We soon became good friends, sharing talk about the figures we built, dialogues we wrote, vent community "gossip" and more.  Even our path to the profession was similar.  We were born only months apart, and both sets of our parents were farmers in rural communities near small towns - his in Kentucky and mine in Kansas - admittedly, quite a difference there.  We both took up magic in our youth which eventually led us into ventriloquism, and it was that interest that caused our paths to meet, something for which I will forever be grateful.

Just a short time before his untimely death, Bill was moved to write and publish his life story: My Life In Magic and Ventriloquism.  Copyright 1997. 42 pages of text, 30 pages of photos and more.   It is a fascinating, inspiring read.  I have one copy only.  Signed.  For sale: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290637528913

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  1. Anonymous11/28/2011

    Clinton, I believe there were only 100 copies of this printed. A great collectable!

    Gary Koepke