Secret of the Edgar Bergen Case

I just finished reading a very interesting feature article in this March, 1948 issue of Radio Stars.  The title of the article is "The Secret of the Edgar Bergen Case."  It seems Edgar had just announced he was leaving his radio show, and the country was abuzz with speculation that he must be ill and maybe even on his deathbed.  Or perhaps a holdout for more money even though he was already getting $25,000 per radio show. 

But according to the writer, Carl Schroeder, nothing could be further for the truth.  Schroeder continued, "The whole thing is amazingly simple and unsensational.  The answer?  Television.  And his unquenchable thirst for perfection.  To plan for television now on a large scale, with his usual perfection, would be impossible while carrying on a full time radio show." 

Candice Bergen and the "three men in her life."
This quite lengthly article tells how Bergen got started in his career of ventriloquism, how he met his wife, and much more.  If you're a Bergen fan and collector, I recommend this piece.  I've listed the magazine for eBay auction:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260901146218

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