Africa bound

From Major Wes Green ...
(...who ordered 100 pocket puppets to be taken on a mission trip to Kenya.)

"The postman was extremely curious about the noisy package he delivered to my doorstep. When I opened the box, I thought of the tower of Babel and the languages being confused. Then I realized they were all speaking English, at the same time. It seems that these 100 little mouths were chattering away during the whole trip to Illinois. Apparently someone tipped them off that they were only stopping over here and would be boarding a plane for Kenya in a few weeks. They were all concerned because they didn't know the language and wondered how they would be received. Some were apprehensive about the plane ride as they heard they were riding in the cargo area. I quickly assured them that they would know what to say when the time came, that's what God specializes in best. I also told them "love in any language, straight from the heart, binds us all together, never apart, and once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear, love in any language fluently spoken here" (and there too). That seemed to help them. The cargo issue was a challenge until I realized that they would have some puppet friends that have been in our ministry for some time that also felt called to Kenya. They are now busy planning an in flight party and will likely be heard having a good time by even the Captain in the cockpit. What an imagination it takes to secure the courage to try something like this for an old man like me. Thanks for joining me in this venture and sending friends along."

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  1. I wish you all the best on your trip to Kenya. It is a wonderful thing you are doing, and I hope Mr. D's pocket puppets find good homes over there! God bless!