Reviving Jerry

From Bob Walsh:
"I am now sixty years old, but when I was eight, I had a Jerry Mahoney doll just like this one I've sent you (green suit and shoes). A friend of mine found this one in a thrift shop in California and sent it to me as a gift for my ministry. It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I hope to add it to my four Lovik figures for the Lord's work. By the way, I have a free resourse of Ventriloquist Videos on http://www.deputybob.com/ (click on 'Gospel Videos' icon at top of home page) for ventriloquists and fans of ventriloquism."
* * * * *
From Mr. D: Replacing the rubber band on these great Jerry dolls is always an exercise in patience. I replaced your Jerry's rubber band with a spring for more permanent service. And a lever replacement for the pull ring (not shown) will make things easier, too.

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  1. I was informed that most of the cheeky puppets you make are converted Howdy Doody puppets, I told him it wasn't..that they are created by you who is right?