Pocket Puppet Comment & Question

From Ryan Bomgardner: Okay, so I was performing at a church for about 1,200 people in Bowling Green on Tuesday night. I took my 2 pocket puppets along (probably one was from the Maher course 13 years ago) to see if they’d sell (I thought, if they don’t sell here, they wont ever sell!). LOL. They were gone within literally 2 minutes after the show ….. and for the rest of the night every kid in the audience came up to me and wanted to buy one.

One mom said “My son is so disappointed that you don’t have any more”. I’m thinking, “I’m just as sad I don’t have any more to sell”!

So…We’re going to need a lot more than 10. Do you have quantity discount for 50, 100? Let me know and I’ll get the check out to you ASAP.
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From Mr. D: Here's the deal. I pay 85 cents (plus shipping) for the Pocket puppets when purchased 1,000 quantity. (Otherwise, they're over $1 each).

So, when I sell for 75 cents each (quantities of ten or more) with free shipping, I'm actually losing money. But, my blog ad imprint is on the back ao I figure I'll share a bit of the cost - a policy few (if any) entertainers use. Most performers sell products with their image or ad imprint for a profit, (as would I, if I wasn't retired.)

I should receive my shipment any day now. The manufacturer has it ready but I asked them to hold shipping it because we were out of town, (we are now home). I'll be happy to sell you 100 for $75. In fact, I have two other orders for that quantity (at that price) already in hand. You can send a check or pay with Paypal.


  1. How does one order the pocket puppets? I didn't find them listed.

  2. I must put my two cents into that pocket puppet...This is a well priced item, it pays for itself with the amusement it gives the kids as well as to myself for having it on hand at all times...I was fortunate to have gotten mine in the Mahen Vent course and it still works fine.

  3. Pocket Puppets are 75 cents each (ten or more) postpaid. Simply send me your order by email: mahertalk@aol.com