From Terry Fator:

I must say that meeting Clinton and Adelia was truly one of the highlights of my life. I have been heavily involved with the NAAV (as it was in the days of old) since I was ten. I spent countless hours waiting by the mailbox for my latest edition of Newsy Vents, which I read cover to cover many times before spending more time aching for the next edition.

Clinton has always helped me out of a pinch in the days I couldn't afford to have spare puppets around when one broke. I would overnight a broken puppet to Clinton and he would fix it immediately and overnight it back, saving my act many times. He had no idea who I was or that I would one day be a headliner in Vegas, but he treated me with the same amount of respect he would treat any star that contacted him.

Clinton, you are a wonderful man! And kudos to your sweet wife Adelia as well. I think we all know that behind any great man...Anyway, Clinton, Adelia, thanks so much for making this one year anniversary show one that will remain in my top days of all time! Much love and appreciation! Terry Fator


  1. Anonymous3/14/2010

    Nuff said!! :)

  2. This is totally awesome. I sing sincere praises to both of you.

    Hmmmm, seems I remember saying that Dr. D (the beloved Clinton Detweiler) is the first person I think of for successfully promoting ventriloquism. Thanks Terry, for proving me right. :O)