Always a challenge

Replacing the rubber band on the mouth of a Jerry Mahoney is a challenge each and every time. Even though I've made a couple tools to assist, it still takes two hands and a chin! It's a wonder we both don't end up standing on our heads!


  1. Clinton, do you offer this service for people with loose lips too? I have a couple to send your way!

    Dr. Jeff Scott

  2. Philip Grecian3/23/2010

    Oh, man...my first figure was a converted Jerry. Every few years I'd replace the rubber band. Took forever, with multiple misses!
    Finally managed to replace the rubber band with a piece of elastic. I drilled a small hole, about the size of a dime in the back of the head and, with the mouth out, stuck a large needle and heavy thread in through the hole...brought it out through the front and through the end of the elastic, where I knotted it...
    Then pulled the whole thing together, using the thread to pull the elastic through the hole in the back where I fastened it on the outside and covered it with the wig.
    That elastic is STILL there, after all these years!
    I have recently retired that figure and replaced him with a Hartz.
    I'm guessing the mouth on the Hartz employs something more sturdy than a rubber band!
    -Philip Grecian