This Elfin character was "cute as a bug." Created by Craig Lovik in 1973/74, he even came dressed in his own hand sewn green outfit. Featuring the "living" (no-slot) mouth, and dainty "pointy" ears, nose, and chin, I still like the mischievous look on his face. I'd forgotten about this character until I came across this photo in an out-of-print Maher Studios Dialogue Book.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Anonymous3/17/2010

    And the rest of the day to you both! Happy St Patrick's Day to you, Clinton and Adelia.


  2. I agree this is a great looking character! He looks like he could pull off being innocent one minute and mischievious the next. Does anyone know who has this character? Would be fun to hear how he is received.

  3. Okay, I'll admit he's cute, but I've never actually been a fan of the "living mouth." I much prefer the slot jaw. I think it has an almost iconic look. (plus, hiding the slots isn't fooling anyone, right?)