Autographed Brochure!

The short Jim Barber biography in the above post definitely needs an update. Jim is currently performing with his puppet pals as well as his real life partners, The Hamners, in the Hamner Barber Theater, Branson, Missouri. Jim was kind enough to send me a package of items to be awarded on this blog, including a signed copy of their 2010 brochure (shown here), to be awarded in our next drawing.
The Hamner Barber show is a true delight with non-stop magic, dance, music and, comedy. A "must see" if you're anywhere near Branson. http://www.hamnerbarber.com/

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  1. Anonymous3/24/2010

    We are planning a trip to Branson in April and his show is in our plans. Looking forward to seeing him. Sandi