Crazy Bird

Endangered species rescue! Most of the Crazy Birds from the '70s and '80s were solid bright colors, but a few, like this one, were made up as Penguins.

This guy belongs to Bonita Yoder and she brought it to me for restringing and rubber band replacement. I thought you might enjoy seeing the inside of the head which was made from a metal fruit can.

Since the head was made from a fruit can, I know this was an early model, because I soon tired of eating so much canned fruit to get empty cans, so I located a Denver container wholesale supplier from which we purchased new empty quart paint cans by the hundred. Much better!


  1. Anonymous3/27/2010

    A very fascinating figure.

  2. At the height of my young ventriloquism phase I had a green Crazy Bird (as well as a few other puppets and figures from the Maher catalog). That bird was so cool--it had so many animations: the beak opened (of course), wings flapped, feet wiggled, eyes blinked AND he could spit!

    I went into a super 8 film making phase and traded all my puppets for camera equipment. I learned to regret that decision. I miss my Crazy Bird.