Photo Caption Winner(s)

Winner (tie):
"Beauty and the Beasts" Curtis Jones
"Will the real dummy please step forward!" Karen Hostetler
* * * * * *
Second Place: (submitted by 4 people):
"Three heads are better than one!"
Dave Ferdinand, Dan Leighty, Kirk Rabe, Donald Woodford
* * * * * * *
Honorable mention:
"Carving the trail for those who follow behind me." Dr. Jeff Scott

"Which one pulls the string?" Frank Beasley

"Detweiler and Maher Studios ...Heads and shoulders above the rest!" Howie Myers

"They're beginning to grow on me!" Sandi Stricker

"No, I don't have a chip on my shoulder!" Walter ven der Hoeven

"Nope, no dummy here!" Lila Shaw

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  1. Now that the contest is over try this one on for size...'one step beyond'