Any HOT tips?

Question:  It is very hot here. It's supposed to be in the low 90s today. I think tomorrow it's supposed to be a bit cooler. We have an outdoor show scheduled. Rest assured we'll have some nice, cold water with us.  But what advice would you give vents who perform outside in the hot weather?
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From Mr. D:  That's the wrong question to ask someone who lives in cool Colorado where humidity is non-existent.  :-)   Seriously, however, for those of you with experience performing in such venues, what suggestions would you have?


  1. Shade makes a BIG difference. Using a portable gazebo / shelter. Or, ask the event coordinator to have you located in a shady area. Your audience will appreciate it, too. When you are hot you will need more water than usual, especially important when using your voice. Don't wear black, it absorbs heat. If you are a roaming performer take a break every 15 minutes to have a big drink. Just a few thoughts, but in Australia here we have very hot summers and these things all make a difference.

  2. Anonymous7/19/2012

    I'm doing a four-day fair gig where temperatures are to average 95-100 degrees.
    I keep plenty of water at hand, try to stay in the shade and I'll have a bottle of spray cologne in my pocket...just in case.